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updated: 09/11/2023

Every home is individual and has a specific odour which the owner might not be able to feel as he is used with it. The sources of the smells might be different – for example in the kitchen most of the time the smells come from cooking, in the bathroom the smells might come from mould and mildew, the cupboards might have different smell depending on what is stored in them. For these reasons a standard domestic cleaning is essential and you need to pay special attention to the areas which might cause your house to have an unpleasant smell. Apart from the cleaning, deodorizing your property will help reduce the bad smells. You may decide to prepare your own air fresheners instead of buying the ready made ones and there are many advantages for dong that.

One reason is you will be sure they are 100% natural as most of the recipes for home made air fresheners suggest using natural ingredients. Another advantage is that you will save money and also you will notice the home-made ones are even more effective than the ones available in the stores. Furthermore, they are longer lasting than the gels and sprays available in the supermarkets.

Mixing apple vinegar and water and spraying this solution in the air will eliminate cooking odours from the kitchen. Extracts from vanilla and cloves come handy to make your bedrooms smell fresh. Drops from almond, lemon, peppermint and coconut mixed with water and heated in the microwave will totally change the way your home smells. Place a bit of the mixture in each room to be fully satisfied with the natural scent and feel the freshness right from the front door.

Essential oils are also widely use for air freshening. Apart from scenting your home, they can be beneficial for your health you may make you feel relaxed.

With all those great ideas to prepare your own natural air fresheners, you will be able to freshen the air in your home and also you can use them for different areas of your property. The smells in wardrobes, drawers, cupboards and kitchen appliances could be improved which will reflect on the overall smell of your property. Taking care of the air at your house regularly will prevent the appearance of bad smells and will make it more welcoming and friendly.

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