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updated: 03/11/2023

Household cleaning products contain antibacterial ingredients which are widely available and used by a lot of people. Such products are also quite popular. A possible benefit of using the antibacterial product for home hygiene must be weighed against theoretical risk for antibiotic or antiseptic resistance. Studies and research surveys have been conducted too, to view the benefits of the household cleaning products to the household people using it on a frequent basis.

Surveys conducted on the product usage: There is an advantage of such community based studies as it has an opportunity to track down infections, if any in the household. It was found that, even though such antibacterial cleaning and hand washing products are being used frequently in the United States, a lot of people spread skin bacteria by using products having non-antibacterial soap. Dirty hands are the primary source which spread numerous viruses; one can avoid such bacteria by regularly using the antibacterial ingredients.

The primary concern of such studies was to measure the public health effect rather than determining the causative agents and surveys were conducted about the access of infections symptomatically. This was done because specific symptoms measured the load of household illness.

Findings of such surveys done: The findings, however conclude that some of the infections can be caused by either not using the antibacterial products or by using too much of such products and not washing the hands properly after using the same. Further, the spread of diseases like gastrointestinal infections or any skin infection can be due to hereditary factors as well where household members have lower immunities and resistance to disease.

This survey conducted even suggests that the care providers and the manufacturers should educate the consumers on the appropriate use and limitations of any household antibacterial products. There is also an additional research which is indicated to understand the possible health benefits connected with the increased use of household cleaning products, irrespective of whether such products contain antibacterial ingredients or not.

Interventions: The household people are recommended to use antibacterial products for laundry, hand washing and for general house cleaning. All such products are available at the counter.

Usage of the antibacterial product: Over the past few years, there has been a majority of household cleaning products which advertise antibacterial qualities and the demand for this has increased. However, too much usage of such products is not recommended and improper usage of the product can cause the surviving bacteria to change and become super germs to avoid the antibacterial ingredients. Such germs are antibiotic resistant. If a person wants to use antibacterial products, he should ensure that he uses them for the proper duration in order to prevent their adverse effects.

One can even reduce indoor air pollution. Ones home may become an energy efficient domain which can reduce the use of certain resources like coal or oil. And, the reduction of fresh air in the house can cause the indoor air to be more polluted with toxic chemicals and fumes.

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