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updated: 29/10/2023

It is generally accepted that women do the house work and it is their responsibility to keep the home hygiene up to a standard. Even though they have a domestic cleaner coming once a week, they still need to put some efforts and clean in between.  If you are four of you in the family, there is a lot to clean every day. We shouldn’t forget the washing up, the laundry and the ironing. These are all tasks which take time. Most of the women do everything themselves, but there are mechanisms to help motivate your family to participate in the house cleaning cycle.

One solution is all of you to clean together. Try to make games and competitions with awards to make it interesting for the children. They will be motivated to win the competition and get a cinema ticket or a chocolate. What is more, when children are used with the cleaning, as they grow they will try to keep their places clean or will never refuse some help to mum when it is needed. It will be easy for you if you apply this technique in the early ages and you will turn those unpleasant house cleaning tasks into a fun not only for you, but for your family too.

When choosing a cleaning task for your children, have in mind that they will not be interested to clean the bathroom or the toilet, but they might be happy to do the washing up, do the dusting or vacuum their own room. You can also teach them how to use the iron and iron their own t-shirts or pyjamas.

If you have to wash some shoes or toys by hand, you can give them some soap and a brush and ask them to do the washing in the bath. They will for sure enjoy the bubbles from the soap and the rinsing with clean water as all the children love to play with water. Explain them to keep separate the washed items from those to be washed and turn it into a playing game.

Finally do not forget that in order to turn these techniques into reality you need to be very patient and to be clear that the kids will not be able to make domestic cleaning tasks perfectly as you would do them.

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Nick Vassilev

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