What is NCCA - National Carpet Cleaners Association?

Anyclean is Proud Member of the NCCA

Why the fact that we have been members of the only professional carpet cleaning technicians association with governing body functions since 2004 is so important?

Anyclean has always been aiming to providing the perfect service to our customers. Studying the latest innovations and gathering professional experience under the guidance of NCCA instructors proved vital and extremely valuable for our company's success. Carpet cleaning is a lot more complicated than what some supermarket stain removing brands may try to convince you. A science of its own, cleaning carpet and fabric fibres is a multifaceted mixture of powerful equipment, where extensive in-depth knowledge and years of experience. The more you do it, the better you become at it.

The National Carpet Cleaners Association was formed in 1968, in order to:

1. Establish minimum, but professional standards within the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry.

2. Provide training for members, in order to achieve the aforementioned standard and keep members abreast of developments such as new chemicals, equipment and new fibres and materials.

3. Ensure that members have adequate public liability insurance.

4. Provide an advisory service, to assist with problems and handle complaints smoothly and promptly, thereby ensuring that all members live up to the Association's motto "SERVICE WITH INTEGRITY".


Question: What is the main benefit of using a Carpet Cleaning member of the NCCA?


Answer: NCCA members are fully trained and insured for the work they carry out. They are members of the only National Trade Association dedicated to carpet and upholstery cleaning. A careful inspection will be made of your carpet and upholstery so that the operator will be aware of the nature of dyes and the type of fibre and construction. Then the security of the fixing of the carpet at its edges and the condition of the seams will be inspected. In the case of upholstery, a check on braids and other trimmings will be made so that you may have every confidence that your valuable carpetsand furnishings will be cleaned and cared for in the most professional manner.

All company members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association who provide carpet and upholstery treatment across the country (including those providing carpet cleaning London), as well as single operators are being trained and certified by the NCCA in order to apply an industry wide standards when dealing with soft furnishings in the UK.

The NCCA could play the role of an independent arbitrator by providing its unmatched carpet cleaning knowledge, skills and experience to anybody.