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Premium Commercial And Retail Cleaning Packages In Bermondsey SE1

What is the easiest way to remain relevant, competitive, and creative in your field of action? You must let your staff concentrate fully on their daily work, without distractions, additional tasks or anything that does not contribute to the success of your business. Proper sanitary maintenance is among the most fundamental aspects of such an approach – nobody wants to operate in a messy, dirty environment or be expected to clean it on a regular basis. You will not only lose professionals and the ability to attract the best experts to your team – you will also have a particularly hard time convincing your partners and customers that they can trust you and do business with you.

Anyclean has helped a multitude of Bermondsey SE1 companies avoid such complications. We deliver tailor-made cleaning packages to retail brands, local shops, family-run businesses, and small start-ups; at the same time, we have established our reputation as a trustworthy partner to large corporate entities, financial and administrative institutions, and some of London’s leading technological and entertainment giants. We work with a team of fully certified and perfectly-trained technicians, whose result-oriented mindset and impeccable personal conduct turn them into the cleaning juggernaut we have become known to be!

What can you expect from Anyclean? We will completely take over the sanitary maintenance of your business premises and address any hygienic issues on a regular basis. Our offers and cost of service are among the most competitive you can find in Central and South East London – survey the market and you will find out that we provide you with the best correlation between quality and cost of service. And since our crews work longer hours than most of our competitors, including all weekends and official holidays, adjusting our visits to your optimal schedule is not much of a challenge.

If you want to find out more about Anyclean’s service options and pricing policy or wish to set up an appointment with one of our customer representatives, please get in touch with us on 020 7099 6964!

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Why Is Anyclean The Best Choice For Your Bermondsey Business?

  • Fully certified, highly skilled, and result-oriented office cleaning technicians
  • Tailor-made service packages that adjust to the specific hygienic requirements of your premises
  • Flexible scheduling options – you determine the frequency and timing of our visits
  • Competitive rates, exclusive deals, and special offers for SE1 clients
  • Non-stop availability – our crews work on Bank and National Holidays as well
  • Free, non-binding preliminary pricing consultations
  • A personal account manager for every business customer
  • A comprehensive public Insurance and Liability Policy
  • The most elaborate set of cleaning procedures you can find on the market
  • Latest-generation equipment and a selection of biodegradable materials for long-lasting results
  • Uncompromising quality control and two-way communication with all customers. 

You can rely on Anyclean’s partnership in the nearby areas as well:

Pricing Policy Overview

The nature of commercial and office cleaning – being versatile and including a wide range of businesses – makes it impossible to work with fixed rates. Anyclean has come up with the next best thing – we provide all potential customers the exclusive chance to find the price range of their service package before they even decide whether they will book us or not. Even better, our consultations are completely free of charge and non-binding. 

Why have we decided to adopt such a policy? From the standpoint of principle, we firmly believe that you should have unrestricted access to all the information that can help you make the best choice for your company. On a practical note, the only way Anyclean can come up with a concrete price offer is to take into account the following specifications – the total square footage and the number of single units (rooms) for cleaning, the range of delivered services, the potential time for completion, and the frequency of required visits, to mention just the most important ones.

What Do Our Bermondsey Office Cleaning Packages Include? 

Almost twenty years of experienced have taught us invaluable lessons on the most effective ways to approach the wide range of office cleaning tasks. One of Anyclean’s main advantages is flexibility – we recognise the fact that the requirements of a small company or a two-room office have almost nothing in common with those of a large corporation or a well-established retail brand. Therefore, our crews will only deliver the kind of chores your working place needs – our representatives will work closely with you to adjust your service package so that it fits the needs of your staff and premises perfectly. Keeping that in mind, here is a quick look at what we do:

  • General sanitary maintenance – daily/ weekly/ special arrangements
  • Floor cleaning and sanitising
  • Interior window cleaning and glass polishing
  • Carpet cleaning and hot water extraction
  • Air conditioners and ventilation systems dusting and maintenance
  • Single cubicle cleaning and desk organising
  • PC, peripherals, and office equipment cleaning
  • Restrooms and washrooms hygiene and anti-bacterial treatment
  • General areas cleaning and maintenance (lobbies, foyers, hallways, elevators, staircases, staff rooms, conference rooms, waiting rooms, cafeterias, canteens, etc.)
  • Providing janitorial materials at competitive rates (we work with direct suppliers only)
  • After-builders office clean
  • One-off office cleaning procedures (please contact us for more details on this option).

*All chores are subject to a strict operative quality control. We implement a two-level supervisory oversight to make sure all delivered results comply with Anyclean’s standards of excellence.

Our Cleaning Teams At A Glance

  • Cleaners selection policy. All members of our cleaning staff have to go through extensive vetting, reference checks, and personal interviews before they join the team. We pay particular attention to personal certification and additional courses to select the best prepared and motivated individuals for the job.
  • Training and further learning. Regardless of any previous experience, all new technicians have to go through a taxing 12-week programme that includes theoretical courses, practice tests, and on-site training drills. But this is just the first step towards the very top of our industry. All Anyclean experts are expected to spend extra time in keeping in touch with the latest trends in the business, taking additional professional courses and striving to improve their skills and knowledge of office cleaning.
  • Positive attitude and impeccable personal conduct. Delivering outstanding results to all our business customers is a top priority. Arguably the second most important principle we stick to is the friendly and positive interaction with the people we serve. The Anyclean’s crews fully recognise the importance of their efforts and excel in attention to detail, personalised customer care, and time-efficient performance.

Professional Certificates And Accreditation

  • Anyclean is a fully certified Safe Contractor by the COSHH; we also have the OHSAS:18001 certificate for providing health-safe conditions at the working place.
  • We have been recognised as an ISO:9001 company for our sustained excellence in quality management systems.
  • Anyclean has a long-term training partnership with the British Window Cleaning Academy; we are also an associate member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association.

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Additional Cleaning Services You Can Book With Us

  • Hard floor cleaning – we treat marble, granite, terracotta, and limestone floors with the latest-generation, powerful equipment that delivers outstanding and long-lasting results. Sustainable removal of stains, stretch marks, and discoloured areas and floor preservation by diamond-pad gloss and anti-slippery coating.
  • Commercial pressure washing – a 5000 PSI gradient, 240 degrees Celsius concentrated steam-jets, and incomparable force of impact – these three features determine pressure washing as the most effective modern exterior cleaning method. We can apply it on a wide range of hard surfaces to remove grime, dust, paint, and stains from the nearby sidewalks, driveways, alleyways, parking and cargo areas, fences, and railings. Thoroughly safe and eco-friendly procedure.
  • High-rise window cleaning – Anyclean provides Bermondsey businesses with the most sustainable and competitive exterior window cleaning and maintenance packages. We are fully certified to operate with cradles, abseiling-rope systems, and hydraulic platforms, and can work on even the most challenging (height-wise) commercial buildings in Central and South East London.

Should you have any further questions about our commercial and office cleaning services, feel free to get in touch with us on 020 7099 6964. Our customer support centre is at your disposal:

  • From Monday to Friday, 09.00 – 18.00
  • On holidays and weekends, 10.00 – 16.00.