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Competitive Commercial Cleaning Packages In Tottenham N17

Does your Tottenham N17 business get the best office cleaning and sanitary maintenance possible? The fact that you have landed on Anyclean’s web page means you have serious doubts about it. It might be because you feel you spend too much on the service; or because the present packages do not coincide with the hygienic demands of your staff and premises. Either way, you need something new, a more effective and reliable partner, an experienced contractor that can get the job done and meet all challenges within the required deadlines – if that is the case, you have come to the right place!
Anyclean was founded in 1998 and since then has gained the reputation of an invaluable partner to a multitude of businesses in a wide range of industries all around Greater London. Whether you need cleaning help for retail space, corporate headquarters, or office premises, our competent and result-oriented crews are up to the task. They can rely on long years of experience and amassed knowledge, the routine to work under pressure and in tight deadlines, as well as cutting-edge equipment and the best available biodegradable detergents.
We take the tailor-made operative approach to a whole new level, allowing our customers to hand-pick the required chores, to customise every aspect of the service package, and to adjust the designated budget to their preferences. No other commercial cleaning contractor in North London can offer you such versatility in procedures and control over the entire sanitary process. Our customer representatives will work closely with you to set up a maintenance routine that is fully suitable for your staff and the daily rhythm of your company. Anyclean’s crews operate seven days per week, including National and Bank Holidays, so we feel confident we can meet all scheduling requirements. For further details on our professional portfolio or booking an appointment with us, please get in touch on 020 7099 6964!

The Advantages Of Our Tottenham Offer

  • An elaborate set of hygienic procedures to keep your working place in impeccable sanitary condition
  • Fully certified, experienced, and highly capable cleaning crews
  • The best exclusive deals and special offers in N17 – advantageous correlation between quality and cost of service
  • Our technicians are at your disposal all throughout the week, all official holidays included
  • Customer-friendly attitude and the ultimate hassle-free experience
  • Completely transparent pricing policy – we provide all Tottenham companies with free, non-binding preliminary consultations
  • A personal account manager for every customer
  • A comprehensive public Insurance and Liability Policy – we’ve got your property covered
  • Flexible scheduling options – we work longer hours than most of our N17 competitors
  • Rigorous quality control for every single procedure.

You can rely on our services in the following North London business districts:

Our Cleaning Portfolio At A Glance

Let’s take a more comprehensive look at what we bring to the table. While commercial and office cleaning is challenging mainly because of the volume of necessary work, it is the small details that set the truly effective providers from the sloppy ones. We also believe that cleaning well is much better than cleaning hard – an effort that is not backed up by knowledge is often useless. 
Every company and each set of premises poses a different operative challenge – we will advise you on the best set of procedures for your working place. Rest assured, Anyclean is not about pumping up the bill with additional services that you do not need. We want to build a relationship of mutual respect and trust that gives you a sustainable solution to all daily hygienic issues.
Please keep in mind that the following list is standardised for corporate customers – if you run a small-scale company you can pick only the chores you see fit.

  • Regular overall sanitary maintenance – daily/ weekly/ other arrangements
  • General areas cleaning and maintenance – cafeterias, canteens, staff rooms, conference rooms, waiting rooms, foyers, lobbies, reception desks, elevators, staircases, hallways, etc.
  • Washrooms and restrooms hygiene and anti-bacterial treatment
  • Providing janitorial materials at competitive prices (we work with direct suppliers only)
  • Carpet cleaning and hot water extraction
  • Floor cleaning and sanitising
  • Interior window cleaning and glass polishing
  • Desk organising and single cubicle cleaning
  • PC, peripherals, and office equipment cleaning
  • Air conditioners and ventilation systems dusting and maintenance
  • One-off office cleaning (please contact us for more details about the option)
  • After-builders office clean.

We observe a strict operative and quality control for every chore – specially assigned supervisors will screen the cleaning process and make sure the delivered results respond to Anyclean’s promise of excellence. We also rely on our customers to point out any deficiencies in our performance, which will be corrected ASAP.

Anyclean’s Pricing Policy 

The number one thing you should remember – Anyclean does not work with hourly rates or fixed monthly packages. The nature of office cleaning makes it impossible – how can the hourly rate for working in large corporate premises be the same as serving a small local business or an IT start-up? Instead, we have designed a more flexible system that is based on a number of variable factors:

  • The total square footage of the premises
  • The ratio between office space and general areas (see the portfolio above)
  • The range of delivered hygienic services
  • The booked frequency of visits
  • The estimated time for completion of all chores.

As you can notice, we will need to visit your working place and discuss the best ways our crews can be of service. These preliminary consultations, however, are non-binding and FREE OF CHARGE – you do not pay a single cent for them, and you are free to decline our offer if you feel there are better options on the market.

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We Have The Best Cleaning Teams In Tottenham

Some may consider this an overstatement and over-confidence. But after almost twenty years in the field, after hundreds of successful procedures behind our back, we can claim with conviction – there is no job that is too big or too difficult for our crews; there is no deadline that we will fail to cover; there is no hygienic challenge that we cannot overcome. Here are the three main reasons why:

  • Anyclean has a very strict cleaners selection policy – we only choose the most motivated and driven professionals who look at commercial cleaning as a long-term career, not a backup option. 
  • Training is a never-ending process. Our technicians are never complacent about their skill set or knowledge on the best ways to treat your premises. Anyclean provides them with access to the best educational seminars, professional workshops and programmes in the UK.
  • We are buttoned-up when it comes to the company’s professional accreditation and certification. Anyclean is a fully certified Safe Contractor by the COSHH and holds the OHSAS:18001 and the ISO:9001 certificates. We are a member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association, the British Institute for Cleaning Science and the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

Premium Commercial Cleaning Procedures We Provide In Tottenham N17

  • Hard floor cleaning – a specially designed service for large-scale premises with marble, granite, limestone, and terracotta floors. Our experts operate with the latest-generation heavy-duty equipment that will thoroughly remove any stretch marks, stains or discoloured spots and restore the treated surfaces to their original condition.
  • High-rise window cleaning – an advantageous offer for companies located in high-rise commercial and corporate buildings. Anyclean provides you with the best price rates for exterior window cleaning and regular maintenance. All procedures run through meticulous health safety and risk assessments and are performed by certified specialists only. 
  • Pressure washing – if you need to keep the immediate outdoor vicinity of your retail or office space in pristine condition on a permanent basis, this is the package to book! Pressure washing can be applied to a wide range of hard surfaces (concrete, metals, brick and mortar, PVC, glass, natural stone, tiles, wooden planking, etc.), for the removal of grime, dust, oil stains, and even graffiti. Rejuvenate the nearby alleyways, driveways, sidewalks, building facades, parking and cargo areas, fences and railings in minutes!

If you cannot find the answer to some of your questions about our office cleaning service on the present page, please contact us on 020 7099 6964. Anyclean’s customer support centre works:

  • From Monday to Friday, 09.00 – 18.00
  • On weekends and holidays, 10.00 – 16.00.