Pressure Washing Anerley

Affordable Patio And Driveway Cleaning Services For Your Anerley SE20 Home

Hassle-free steam cleaning for your Anerley house backyard

Anyclean is proud to present its Anerley SE20 customers with a brand new exterior treatment service - our top-notch patio and driveway cleaning! If you already have an active home cleaning or housekeeping account with us, this is the perfect complementary procedure to keep the outdoor parts of your property health-safe and dirt-free. If this is the first time you come across an Anyclean offer, here is what you need to know about us:

We were founded in 1998 by young entrepreneur Nick Vassilev and throughout the past twenty years have been on the mission to deliver premium-quality commercial and residential sanitary services.

We have a network of fully certified and hard working specialists who operate seven days per week, all holidays included.
Anyclean gives you access to the most affordable and advantageous deals on today's market in London. If you become a regular customer, you will be eligible for exclusive discounts and special offers.

Why should you consider hiring a professional technician do the patio and driveway cleaning for you? First, it will save you time and effort - you don't have to lift a finger and can enjoy some well-deserved rest while our experts unleash their magic. Second, we employ the powerful pressure washing method which is widely recognised as the most effective way to clean hard surfaces - from concrete and metals to PVC and glass. Third - because we only apply steam and no detergents whatsoever, our procedures are perfectly safe for your family and pets, and friendly towards the environment.

If you want to find the pricing range for your property (how large is the outdoor area of the house and which parts of it you want us to treat), give us a quick call on 020 7099 6964 or request a free quote via the Contact Form. 

The Advantages Of Our SE20 Steam Cleaning Offer

  • We work with some of the most competitive prices you can find in South East London
  • Our technicians have two decades of impeccable professional experience and outstanding record of success
  • They operate with the most powerful pressure washing gear in the UK (Lowe, Karcher, Honda)
  • We will rejuvenate any outdoor area of your property, regardless of its preliminary condition
  • We can work on a wide range of surfaces - metals, terracotta tiles, brick and mortar, concrete, natural rocks (granite, marble, limestone), wooden planking and carpentry, PVC, glass, etc.
  • We only employ pure water throughout the treatment - all procedures are health-safe and eco-friendly
  • This is a 4-season cleaning option - we can come and treat your property in almost any weather conditions
  • Anyclean has a completely transparent pricing policy, including free, non-binding quotes
  • You can book us whenever you want - on weekends, Bank and National Holidays, all throughout the year
  • We perform a strict quality control throughout every cleaning visit.

Anyclean's Cleaning Portfolio

  • Patios and backyards
  • Driveways, front ways, and sidewalks
  • Fences and railings
  • Veranda fronts and house facades
  • Children's playgrounds
  • The barbecue or outdoor grill area
  • The pool area
  • Garden pathways
  • Garden and outdoor furniture - tables, benches, wooden, iron, and plastic chairs, lounge chairs, etc.
  • Paint and graffiti removal.

With Pressure Washing, We Blast Away Any Grime We See!

We already pointed out the advantages of steam-jet cleaning. Here are a few numbers to put them in better perspective:

  • For the most frequent procedures (grime and dust removal, blasting of any tree leaves or moss) we work within the 2500-3000 PSI range. More specific tasks like persistent stains removal or dealing with paint and graffiti may require 5000 PSI units of concentrated pressure. For comparison - the pressure in your car tyres is about 25-30 PSI.
  • The regular temperature of running water that you may use when washing the driveway is about 15 degrees Celsius - highly ineffective. In contrast, we work with 240/250-degree steam, which provides superior cleaning efficiency and better access to porous surfaces (concrete, brick and mortar).
  • The combination of high-velocity steam jets, high temperature, and industrial-grade equipment means we clean faster, better, and with more long-lasting effect. Even better - the drying time is shorter, which means you can fully enjoy your backyard minutes after we are done cleaning!

Take advantage of our exclusive offer today - give us a call on 020 7099 6964, and let's start planning our visit right away!