Pressure Washing Croydon

Immaculate Driveway And Patio Cleaning Results In Croydon CR0

Detergent-free driveway cleaning in Croydon

Do not let the London urban environment ruin the comfort and appeal of your patio and the safety of your driveways! The last thing you want on a rainy day is a maze of oil stains that make the concrete surface extra slippery. What is the most effective way to make sure the entire outdoor area of your Croydon house is constantly in pristine condition? The Anyclean steam-jet pressure washing packages!

Our technicians operate heavy-duty, industrial-grade machines that we usually employ on large-scale commercial sites - they are more powerful, more effective, and deliver more thorough results than their small counterparts that you can buy at the local Home Depot. We put the sheer force of impact between the steam jets and the treated service to good use - no residue can withstand the concentrated assault, and we restore any area to its original, grime-free condition. Even better, the procedure is not only quick but completely risk-free and health-safe for your property - we do not need any detergents or additional materials to enhance the results we deliver.

How quick can you book the procedure in Croydon? If you call us today on 020 7099 6964, it is very likely that we be able to schedule an appointment within 48 hours. Our expert technicians are at your disposal seven days per week, including all National and Bank Holidays!

Why Is Anyclean The Number One Choice To Do The Job In Croydon?

  • Powerful, industrial-grade equipment (Lowe, Karcher, Honda)
  • Perfectly trained and experienced technicians
  • Completely risk-free and health-safe pressure washing procedures
  • No detergents involved - our treatment is eco-friendly
  • The best patio and driveway cleaning prices in Croydon
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Non-stop availability - you can book us during the weekend or on National and Bank Holidays
  • We can work on any type of hard surface and provide thorough treatment for the outdoor area of your home
  • Instant free quotes and completely transparent pricing policy.

The Range Of Procedures We Deliver 

Sidewalk cleaning via pressure washing by Anyclean

Do your sanitary problems extend beyond just the patio and the driveway? Do not worry, we can take care of the entire surroundings of your Croydon house quickly and effectively. The procedure is perfectly suitable for the street sidewalks, backyards, garden pathways, the pool area, the porch, and even the garden wooden and iron furniture (chairs, benches, lounge chairs, etc.), fences, and railings. Keep it in mind that we can treat all sorts of hard surfaces - concrete, natural stones (marble, granite, terracotta, limestone), tiles, metal, PVC, wooden planking and even glass. 

The Advantages Of The Pressure Washing Method

The number one advantage of the procedure is that involves 0% chemicals. It is based entirely on pure water - we have special containers with ionised filters that remove the small particles from the water on a molecular level. Then we heat it up to 250 degrees Celsius and employ the resulting powerful steam jets against any unwanted residue on your driveway or patio.

How powerful? That is a good question. The small pressure washing equipment that you can buy in your local home maintenance store operates with PSI gradients of up to 2500, very rarely 3000. The Anyclean crews, however, operate heavy-duty machinery that reaches 5000 PSI. This means a much more concentrated force and even more irresistible force of impact. You should not worry, though, that the procedure may harm the treated surface - we have run hundreds of careful tests to determine the best PSI gradient for every specific surface.

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