Pressure Washing Ealing

Risk-free Driveway And Patio Cleaning By Anyclean - The Best Choice In Ealing W5

Powerful steam-jet washing for concrete surfaces

The patio and driveway might not be the first areas of your home you will think of when you mention regular sanitary maintenance. But the outdoor parts of your home need just as much attention as the indoor one, if not as frequently. Dust and dirt inevitably creep in, as well as moss, verdure, tree leaves or small particles, carried by the rain and the street traffic. If you add to that the gas and oil stains on the driveway, you get a pretty bleak and uncomfortable picture. 

Anyclean has come up with a specific driveway and patio cleaning service package that addresses all these problems, and more. Our Ealing W5 residential customers will benefit from the most effective treatment for house outdoor surroundings, based on the pressure washing method. Our experienced technicians operate with heavy-duty machinery that we also use on commercial and industrial-scale sites. The powerful equipment allows us to deliver outstanding and thorough results much quicker than any other cleaning method. Even better - the procedure employs only pure distilled water and no detergents whatsoever, so it is perfectly health-safe and eco-friendly.

If you need more details about the service package or want to ask us some more questions, feel free to call us on 020 7099 6964. Our crews work in Ealing W5 and all of West London seven days per week, all throughout the year. Make the best choice for your patio and driveway today!

The Advantages Of Our Ealing Offer

  • Non-stop availability - we work seven days per week in W5
  • Moderate prices and the best correlation between quality and cost of service
  • Perfectly trained, experienced, and friendly technicians
  • Powerful, industrial-grade equipment
  • Thoroughly health-safe and eco-friendly procedure - no detergents involved in the treatment
  • Instant free quotes - find the price range of your package today
  • Quick and last sanitary improvement for the outdoor surroundings of your house
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee - we always get the job done!

Anyclean's Cleaning Range

Industrial-grade pressure washing equipment

It is true that probably 90% of our customers book us for the cleaning of concrete surfaces, but our range goes far beyond that. We can also work on natural stones (granite, limestone, marble, terracotta), tiles, metal, wooden planking, PVC, and even glass. This allows us to clean garden pathways, pool areas, garden and backyard furniture (wooden and iron chairs, tables, benches, lounge chairs, etc.), fences, and railings. 

Trust us, you will be amazed by the results we can deliver. Contact us today on 020 7099 6964, choose the most suitable day for our visit, and leave the rest of the hassle to us!

Residential Pressure Washing - Technical Specifications

More than a few of our customers are worried that the steam-jet pressure washing might not be suitable for their outdoor house maintenance. Rest assured, we have tested our cleaning method in various weather conditions and on a wide range of surfaces - and always come up with impeccable results. There are three key factors for the success of the treatment:

Ionising water containers. All Anyclean minivans are equipped with large water containers which "fuel" the treatment. The little perk, however, are the ionised filters that remove the small particles on a molecular level. This allows us to heat up the water much faster and increases the efficiency of the procedure.

Heavy-duty steam-jet machines. You can buy little pressure washers for your home in your local store, but these operate with a low PSI gradient (up to 2500 PSI). Our machines can reach double that quotient (we work with 5000 PSI if the case requires it). The much wider power range allows our technicians to adjust to every sanitary problem - simple dirt and dust smothering require lower gradient, while persistent oil or paint stains will face the full strength of our equipment.

No detergents. The little pressure washers invariably require additional detergent treatment to maximise their effect. We do not need such complimentary materials. The sheer force of impact will remove any unwanted residue from the treated area, guaranteed!