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First-class Patio And Driveway Cleaning Help In Lee SE12

Grime removal from front stairs in Lee SE12

Anyclean provides its Lee SE12 residential customers with the exclusive chance to fully rejuvenate the outdoor parts of their property at more than a reasonable price. If you no longer wish to put up with the tree leaves, moss, oil-based stains or grime all over the patio and driveway, creeping across the backyard or the garden, give us a call on 020 7099 6964, and order your free quote today! You can book one of our friendly technicians seven days per week, including Bank and National Holidays.

How is Anyclean's treatment any different from the traditional cleaning with running water? We employ the pressure washing method, based on the concentrated force of high-velocity steam jets. The combined effect of high temperature and sheer force of impact ensures the thorough deep removal of any residual material from the treated area. The method applies to a wide range of hard surfaces - from concrete and metals to wooden planking and PVC. And since it does not require any additional help from detergents or chemical solvents, it is eco-friendly and health-safe for your family and pets.

Rest assured, the Anyclean experts operate with the most powerful, cutting-edge equipment available in the UK. Even larger outdoor areas like spacious backyards or children's playgrounds rarely require more than half an hour of concentrated effort. Because we work with steam, the treated spot dries out much faster and you can enjoy the full comfort of your home within minutes! Steam-jet cleaning is not dependent on weather conditions - unless it snows or rains heavily, you can spot the Anyclean minivans on the streets of South East London all throughout the year! Care to give it a try? Schedule your appointment with us today - you will not regret it!

Why Is Anyclean The Best Outdoor Cleaning Choice For Lee Homeowners? 

  • Sustainable sanitary solutions for any outdoor area of your property
  • The best patio and driveway cleaning deals in all of South East London
  • Completely transparent pricing policy, including instant free quotes
  • We can work on a wide range of hard surfaces - concrete, brick and mortar, tiles, natural stones, metals, wooden planking and carpentry, PVC, glass, etc.
  • Our specialists are at your disposal seven days per week, 365 days in the year
  • We operate with the most powerful pressure washing gear (Karcher, Lowe, Honda)
  • A team of friendly, experienced, and fully certified technicians
  • This is a 4-season procedure, which does not depend on weather conditions
  • We do not employ any detergents or chemical-based materials during the procedures - a health-safe and eco-friendly treatment
  • We can deal with the most common negative hygienic factors as well as more specific problems like graffiti and paint removal.

Anyclean's Exterior Residential Cleaning Portfolio

We can help you refresh the following parts of your property:

  • Driveways, front ways, and sidewalks
  • Patios and backyards
  • The pool area
  • The barbecue or outdoor grill area (thorough grease and stains removal)
  • Veranda fronts and house facades
  • Fences and railings
  • Garden pathways
  • Children's playgrounds
  • Garden and outdoor furniture - tables, benches, lounge chairs, wooden, iron, and plastic chairs, etc.

The Advantages Of Pressure Washing

From the customers' point of view, we deliver the ultimate hassle-free experience - you do not need to worry about anything, just sit back and enjoy a peaceful afternoon or have coffee with some friends while we unleash our cleaning power. From our point of view, sometimes pressure washing makes it too easy - it is almost not fair what we do to the dirt, stains, or any other unwanted residue. We blast the grime away relentlessly, and we do not stop until the last square inch of the area we treat is spotless.

Here are a few numbers to put our cleaning power in perspective:

  • Our pressure washing machines can deliver the mind-boggling gradient of 5000 PSI units; for comparison, the median PSI of a car tyre is between 25 and 30.
  • We heat up the water to 240-250 degrees Celsius and employ the resulting steam for cleaning purposes. This is about ten times higher than the temperature of the running water you wash the driveway with.
  • On a median basis, pressure washing requires a third or even a quarter of the time to finish a certain task compared to any other sanitary method. 

Sounds amazing, doesn't it? Wait until you see the results! Call us on 020 7099 6964 today, and let's roll up the sleeves!