Pressure Washing Lewisham

Top-notch Driveway And Patio Cleaning Services In Lewisham SE13

Lewisham house exterior dirt removal by Anyclean

Anyclean is a top-tier home cleaning and house maintenance contractor, covering the entire Greater London area. Today, our Lewisham SE13 customers can take advantage of a new-generation service, aimed at the exterior parts of your property - the premium-quality patio and driveway cleaning. With its help, you can quickly and decisively get rid of the grime, stains, and dirt that ruin the comfort and health safety of the immediate outdoor surroundings of the house. Forget about the old-fashioned cleaning with running water - we have a much more powerful and effective treatment to offer!

Throughout the last decade, pressure washing has been widely asserted as the premium exterior cleaning method for hard surfaces. Initially, its application was limited to large-scale commercial and industrial sites, but over the last few years, Anyclean has implemented it with great success in the residential cleaning field. Pressure washing employs the sheer force of impact of 5000 PSI, 240-degree concentrated steam jets which blast away any residual material from the treated area. Meticulous testing and numerous procedures have proved that the method is perfectly safe for almost any hard surface, with a little adjustment to the settings.

If you want to rejuvenate any outdoor hard-surfaced area of your home, get in touch with us on 020 7099 6964, give us a few basic details about the task, and we will schedule an appointment within 2-3 days. Our friendly technicians operate seven days per week all throughout the year - the treatment does not depend on weather conditions, so you can book us whenever you like. Your satisfaction is guaranteed - call us and see for yourself!

The Advantages Of Our SE13 Offer

  • Affordable prices and the best quality for the money you pay
  • Instant free quotes and completely open pricing policy
  • Sustainable cleaning solutions for the exterior parts of your property
  • A totally health-safe and eco-friendly treatment - we do not use any chemical-based materials
  • A team of result-oriented, fully certified, and friendly experts
  • You can book us seven days per week (including Bank and National Holidays), all throughout the year
  • We work with the most powerful pressure washing gear available on the market (Lowe, Honda, Karcher)
  • We can clean a wide range of hard surfaces - brick and mortar, metals, concrete, terracotta tiles, natural-stone surfaces (marble, granite, limestone), wooden planking and carpentry, PVC, glass, etc.
  • A bullet-proof public Insurance and Liability Policy
  • 100% customer satisfaction rate, sustained with the help of uncompromising quality control.

Anyclean's Service Portfolio

We can help you with the rejuvenation of:

  • Backyards and patios
  • Fences and railings
  • Veranda fronts and house facades
  • Driveways, front ways, and sidewalks
  • The outdoor grill or barbecue area
  • The pool area
  • Children's playgrounds
  • Garden pathways
  • Garden furniture - tables, benches, wooden, plastic, and iron chairs, lounge chairs, etc.
  • Paint and graffiti removal.

If you need any more details about Anyclean's pricing or service policies, feel free to contact us on 020 7099 6964

Pressure Washing Makes Any Cleaning Task Easy

Combining top speed of service with outstanding efficiency and thoroughness, steam-jet cleaning has already bedazzled a bevy of homeowners in Lewisham and all of South East London. The results speak for themselves - we remove grime, dirt, dust, moss and algae, oil-based stains, paint, and even graffiti with a much more lasting effect than the regular washing with running water.

The key to our success is the powerful equipment at our disposal. Let's put the force we work with at some perspective. The air in car tyres has a median pressure index of about 25-30 PSI; we treat your property with steam jets of up to 5000 PSI or more than a hundred times stronger. Add to that the effect of the 240-250 degree temperature of steam, and you can understand why the unwanted residue has no chance against us. At the same time, we are very careful not to harm the treated surface and carefully scale up or down the settings, according to the task.

Many homeowners are reluctant to clean their backyards or driveways at all because they fear the negative effect of heavy detergents. Pressure washing negates the need for their application. Thus we deliver the ultimate eco-friendly service, and you can enjoy your patio or the barbecue area within minutes after we have finished!