Pressure Washing Thamesmead

Affordable Patio And Driveway Cleaning For Your Thamesmead SE28 Home

How many times have you stopped your kids from playing in the backyard because it is "too dirty"? Should you be extra careful while you park the car in the driveway when it is raining because of the slippery oil stains? Having a house wasn't supposed to be this taxing - after all the whole point is to enjoy the outdoors with your family, friends, and neighbours!

Anyclean will help you reclaim the comfort of your house exterior! We are a high-profile commercial and residential cleaning provider with two decades of impeccable professional record. Our Thamesmead SE28 customers already relish the positive influence of the most effective sanitary treatment for exterior hard surfaces. Anyclean's patio and driveway cleaning packages are tailored to address the most common negative factors of the London urban environment - dust and dirt accumulation, grime formation, moss, tree leaves, oil-based stains, and the unavoidable urban residue.

How do we overcome such a wide range of hygienic problems? Our technicians rely on the proved pressure washing method, which employs the irresistible force of high-velocity concentrated steam jets. We operate with industrial-grade equipment, negating the need for continuous manual procedures. Pressure washing delivers quicker, more thorough, and more sustainable sanitary results than any other cleaning method. Because we only employ pure water and no detergents whatsoever, it is also the ultimate eco-friendly and health-safe option for your property.

If you like what you have read already, give us a call on 020 7099 6964 and find out more about our packages. You can also order your free quote with Anyclean via the Contact form below.

Why Is Anyclean The Best Partner To Treat Your Patios And Driveways?

  • We can offer you the most reasonable cost of service available on today's market 
  • We have a team of perfectly trained, experienced, and result-oriented professionals
  • You can book us seven days per week, all throughout the year - including Bank and National Holidays
  • A customer-friendly pricing policy - free quotes, safe payments, and discounts for regular clients
  • Our experts work with the best pressure washing gear in the UK (Lowe, Karcher, Honda)
  • We can treat a wide range of hard surfaces - concrete, brick and mortar, natural stones (marble, granite, limestone), terracotta tiles, metals, carpentry and wooden planking, PVC, glass, etc.
  • We do not employ any chemical-based materials - a perfectly health-safe and eco-friendly treatment
  • Pressure washing effectively deals with the most common hygienic problems for house exteriors
  • A bullet-proof public Insurance and Liability policy - we've got your property covered
  • We always get the job done - the 100% customer satisfaction rate is the best testament to that!

Anyclean's House Exterior Treatment Portfolio

We can help you rejuvenate and sanitise:

  • Patios and backyards
  • House facades and veranda fronts
  • Fences and railings
  • Front ways, driveways, and sidewalks
  • Garden pathways
  • The barbecue or outdoor grill area 
  • The pool area
  • Children's playgrounds
  • Garden and outdoor furniture - tables, benches, lounge chairs, wooden, plastic, and iron chairs, etc.
  • Paint and graffiti removal.

The Key Factors For Our Cleaning Efficiency

Factor number one beyond doubt is the force of impact we work with. The steam jets we apply have a medium PSI gradient of 2500-3000 units - for comparison, the PSI of a car tyre is between 25 and 30. The superior pressure is supplemented by great concentration - if needs be, we can treat an area of a few square inches (persistent spots or stains, for example) until the residue is completely removed. The irresistible force of impact also negates the need for any continuous manual effort - there is no scrubbing, sweeping or polishing throughout our visits.

Factor number two is temperature. Before we start the procedures, we heat up the water to 240-250 degrees Celsius and put the resulting steam to good use. Cleaning efficiency aside, at this temperature most germs and bacteria are extinguished, which means we do not just rejuvenate the outlook of the treated premises but sanitise them as well.

Very few other home cleaning contractors (if any) can offer you a comparable quality of performance for the money you pay! Order your free quote with Anyclean today on 020 7099 6964 - it will be one of the best decisions you have made for your property in a long while!