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Why Do Patios And Driveways Need Cleaning?

Moss and grass removal from a garden pathway in North London

It’s particularly important that you don’t neglect your pathways, decks and the like. This is because, like all things, they get dirty. It’s not very often that they get dirty all in one big hit, except in rare circumstances – unless you count dogs pooping on the driveway and the car rolling over it and smearing the mess everywhere as “dirty all in one big hit”. Debris on decks and pavements tend to build up very slowly but surely.

Some of the biggest offenders that get all over driveways and paths come from the natural world and are a side-effect of having a thriving environment. These come in the form of larger seasonal types of debris like autumn leaves – pretty and picturesque at first but soon degenerating into a slimy mess – as well as smaller and more subtle organisms like moss and lichen. (Organisms is probably more correct because although moss is a plant, lichen is actually a weird community of algae that’s pretty fascinating to scientists). Moss likes to grow anywhere shady and damp, and we all know that things can get pretty damp outside here in northern London, especially during the winter. Lichens grow just about everywhere and they’re tough little… things. 

The trouble with moss, lichen and dead leaves is not just that they spread and grow. If that was it, then we could be happy with the “natural” look of lichen on driveways, decks, steps and patios. The only problem is that they are really slippery when they get wet… which happens quite a lot with our lovely British climate! The combination of an area that receives quite a lot of foot traffic plus a slippery substance plus a hard substance underneath like wood, stone, brick or concrete and you’ve got a recipe for nasty falls and accidents.

The safety aspect is one of the main reasons that people get in touch with our London driveway and patio cleaning services, particularly older people. Slippery paths, decks and steps around the home (or the business) are a hazard. People who are at risk of falls, such as elderly people, often like to get our team members in on a regular basis. In the case of businesses, regular washing of walkways, steps, decks and patios is a very important part of ensuring health and safety.

Of course, you might want to get your patio or path or driveway cleaned because it looks so much nicer and smarter when all the gunk is gone!

The Solution - Jet Pressure Washing

  • Professional high-powered jet washers
  • Chemical-free eco-friendly clean
  • Verandas, Decking & Patios
  • Balconies and Terraces
  • Paved and Tarmac Driveways
  • Rattan Furniture fully cleaned
  • Brick Walls and Fences
  • Available at short notice

Here, I’m not talking about the garden, which is a totally different kettle of fish. Instead, I’m talking about the paths, the decks, the driveways and the like around your North London home or business premises.  The places where people walk and the places that cars drive. OK, if you have a good gardener or if you’re enthusiastic, then a leaf blower or some diligent weeding might remove some of the debris, but this is seldom enough to remove some of the problems that plague patio and deck areas.

If you’ve never stopped to think about the condition of your paved areas and decking, etc. then it’s just as well that you’ve found our North London jet pressure washing services, as we can take care of this often neglected area of your surroundings.

Our North London Cleaning Services Include

No matter what part of North London you live in (Islington, Muswell Hill, North Finchley, Tottenham, Winchmore Hill, etc.),  we’ll send out our team of hard working experts to use our pressure washing system to get your outside areas clean and safe. In fact, we can remove moss, slime, lichen and debris from:

  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Steps
  • Pathways
  • Driveways
  • Parking Spaces

We cater to the needs of domestic and commercial customers, and we’re very used to working with groups of people who need shared areas of this type cleaned. Let’s face it: there are quite a lot of multi-occupant buildings out there in North London, so it only makes sense to include cleaning, say, the pathways and driveways as part of the shared area cleaning. We’re used to this situation!

Serviced Areas

We know that some paths are more prone to growing lichen and moss than others, whereas others receive quite a lot of leaf litter from nearby trees. This means that we don’t have a one size fits all approach to scheduling, so you can select how often you want one of our pressure washing experts to come around to your North London home or business. You can also call us in on a one-off basis if you don’t want your driveway or deck or whatever cleaned on a regular basis but you just want a special clean-up (e.g. as part of moving out cleaning or spring cleaning).

Please get in touch with us at any time if you have any further questions about our North London driveway and patio cleaning services, or if you’d like to get a quote or make a booking. We’d love to hear from you.

Why and How To Clean Your Driveway and Patio?

You’ve thought a lot about how the inside of your North London home needs regular cleaning and maybe you’ve sorted out a professional cleaner to give you a bit of a helping hand in that department. But what about the outside of your home? The same applies to business premises and commercial buildings. Your cleaner might take care of the inside work but what about the outside? 

Pressure Washing

The knee-jerk reaction to moss might be to deal with it with some sort of herbicide or, in the case of lichen, a fungicide. However, we’re all aware of the need to be sustainable and to take care of the environment, and those herbicides and fungicides are pretty nasty on the soil and water systems. Who wants to have a bunch of lethal toxins all over the high-traffic areas outside the home, especially in a patio area where you like to barbecue and where pets like to run? What’s more, even the best moss and lichen killers are only a temporary fix, as nature guarantees that they’ll come back – those little plants and algae are survivors!

Instead of dousing your outside area in toxins, it’s much better to physically remove the offenders. Besides, even if you did use a fungicide or herbicide on the moss and lichen, this only kills them; it doesn’t take them away and even dead moss is slippery. Using water under high pressure to blast away the offenders is much more effective and it’s far, far better for the environment.

A proper high-pressure washing system is easier on the environment than what you might try doing yourself with a broom and an ordinary hose (and it’s a whole lot easier, too!). This is because a little bit of water applied at high force will blast away more dirt, mould and lichen than your broom and hose ever can, which means that the water is applied for a shorter time and less of it is needed – and that cuts down on water use as well. Water is a safe, natural and effective cleaner and removes most types of debris from most hard surfaces, from concrete to wood to tiles to bricks. Water’s also able to get into tiny corners and crevices where a broom can’t go, making pressure washing a very thorough method of cleaning, especially for steps and stairs.

As professional North London pavement and decking cleaning experts, we are equipped with state of the art pressure washing systems that will maximise the pressure and power for better cleaning ability while minimising the amount of water required, meaning that our pressure washing services are as sustainable and easy on the environment as possible as well as doing a great job!