Reliable Window Cleaning Bounds Green N11

Affordable Business And Home Window Care In N11

Our Services At A Glance

Domestic Window Cleaning

Risk-free glass treatment for your interior and exterior home windows, UPVC and cladding elements, and all glass surfaces - top results guaranteed all across Bounds Green.

Commercial Window Polish

Make sure your window displays and glass fronts retain their lustre and spotless look 24/7 with the most effective window cleaning packages for local Bounds Green businesses.

Office Window Cleaning

Available 365 days in the year, our premium-quality services include high-rise window cleaning and excellent interior polishing at the best price rates in North London.

Regular Glass Cleaning

Whether you need daily or weekly polishing for your store fronts or fortnightly/monthly home window cleaning, Anyclean is the most reliable choice you can make in N11. 

One-off Window Washing

Reclaim the perfect look of your home windows or commercial glass facades with one masterful stroke - booking Anyclean's leading specialists for an appointment in N11.

Emergency Window Cleaning

Our experts are at your disposal seven days per week when you need them the most - you can book our exclusive emergency window cleaning within the next 48 hours!

Local Reach & Wash Experts

Twenty years ago, when our small team was making its first steps in the highly competitive window cleaning field, we only offered a limited scope of procedures, mainly for the traditional types of windows. Today, Anyclean has one of the most comprehensive service lists in the industry, covering a wide array of sanitary tasks for domestic and business customers alike. We can take expert care of the following types of surfaces and items:

  • Solar (photovoltaic) panels
  • Skylights and light tubes
  • Conservatories
  • Glass doors, French windows, and ranch sliders
  • Glass and mirror landscaping features
  • Glass atriums
  • UPVC and Perspex canopies
  • Cladding
  • Shop display and front windows
  • Business and commercial signage and billboards.
N11 home window cleaning by Anyclean


Do window cleaners use ladders?

Not any more. We work with the Reach & Wash window cleaning system which allows us to clean glass surfaces up to 72 feet from ground level.

Why get your windows professionally cleaned?

A well executed service will protect the glass surface from scratching and water streaks. Also, frequent glass polishing makes it harder for the dust and urban residue to stick to the pane.

How often should I get my windows cleaned?

It mainly depends on your location. We advise our customers in heavy-traffic areas to choose a monthly cleaning option. If you live in a more quiet neighbourhood, you make us one every three months.

Why are my windows so smeared after cleaning?

  • Option one - you are not using the proper tools or applying the right technique for the job. Instead of removing the dirt, you are just redistributing it across the glass.
  • Option two - you are probably using some sort of chemical-based glass polisher. Such detergents evaporate very quickly in sunny, warm weather and leave a thin screen of residue that is very hard to remove.

Why Choose Anyclean As Your Bounds Green Window Cleaning Partner?

  • Some of the most competitive and affordable deals on today's market
  • A customer-friendly pricing policy - safe payments, transparent billing, and free quotes available 24/7
  • Perfectly safe procedures with minimal risk for your property - we rarely use ladders or scaffolds during the visits
  • A comprehensive public Insurance and Liability Policy - we've got your property covered
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee - if you are not happy with a specific chore, our cleaner will repeat the procedure FREE OF CHARGE
  • Fully certified, BWCA-trained, and highly competent specialists with extensive experience
  • Latest-generation equipment, provided by the best window cleaning brands in the UK
  • We only work with pure water and limit the application of detergents to the bare minimum
  • Our technicians operate seven days per week, Bank and National Holidays included
  • We serve both commercial and residential customers with the same levels of dedication and impeccable success rate
  • We have more than twenty years of experience and hard work behind our back.
Risk-free window treatment for your Bounds Green home

Recent Cleaning Jobs We Had In Bounds Green

  • One-off window cleaning at Maidstone Road, N11.
  • After-builders dust removal and deep-clean glass treatment at Bounds Green Road, N11.
  • Small office window cleaning at Warwick Road, N11.
  • Solar panel cleaning at Brownlow Road, N11.

Bounds Green Window Polishing - Nobody Does It Better

Bounds Green home window cleaning via Reach and Wash treatment

How do these shops on the retail streets keep their fronts so clean? And how come your neighbour's windows are spotless and yours are covered in dust and bird droppings? Let us tell you a little secret - your neighbour is probably using the help of a professional cleaner. If you want to level the ground, Anyclean might be the perfect choice at your disposal! We are a London-based, all-round cleaning contractor with more than twenty years of professional experience. If you live or work in Bounds Green or any other area of North London, we can take competent care of your windows on a regular or one-off basis. All you have to do is give us a call on 020 7099 6964 and tell us what sanitary task you have in mind.

Anyclean has built an extensive network of fully certified, hard working, and competent technicians who work tirelessly for your comfort. If you need your windows fully polished in the context of your spring cleaning, we are up to the task. If your local-based business requires daily maintenance of the building facade or display windows, our experts are more than capable of covering this chore as well. You remain in full control of every aspect of the service - scheduling, duration, and frequency of visits, as well as the range of required procedures. Our crews commit to a speedy and premium-quality performance that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Anyclean stays in touch with the latest trends and innovations in the industry. When safety and ease of access are concerned, we can rely on the proven Reach & Wash method, backed up by latest-generation equipment. We also invest in eco-friendly and health-safe techniques and gear - applying closed cycle of water use and limiting the detergents we work with to the bare minimum. Our specialists constantly look for new ways to improve our service portfolio, including new items and surfaces we can clean, cutting short the duration of visits without making compromises with quality.

If you want to find out more about our ongoing special deals or the pricing range of your cleaning project, feel free to use our Contact Form and order a free, non-binding quote - we will respond ASAP.

Residential Window Care

Result-oriented Bounds Green window washers

Let's be honest - polishing the windows is not your dream activity for a weekend afternoon. But you have to do it, right? Well, not really - now you can  delegate the task to Anyclean. We provide both one-off visits and regular maintenance packages - you determine how often do you want us to brush-up the windows. Either way, you will be able to tell the difference even after a single visit - the rain spots and the stains will be gone, there will be no residual dirt on the frames, sills, and handles, and the sun will look brighter than ever.

The Reach & Wash method is our ace up the sleeve when it comes to residential window cleaning. Even when we need to treat 2 or 3-floor houses, our technicians don't have to bother with ladders or scaffolds. The method only employs pure water and is the ultimate eco-friendly procedure for your home. When it comes to ground floors or interior cleaning, we rely on the good old-fashioned squeegees and wiping towels. There is a little twist, however - the Unger gear we employ is superior in quality and efficiency, speeds up our efforts, and helps us deliver the kind of results you expect from us!

Apart from the traditional types of windows, we can also clean with great efficiency:

  • Clerestory windows
  • Jalousie windows
  • Bay windows
  • French windows and sliding doors
  • Cupolas, skylights, and light tubes
  • Double-hung sash windows.

*Every window cleaning package includes the complementary treatment of the sills, frames, and handles - you do not pay extra for it!

Window Cleaning for Local Businesses

A multitude of local shop and restaurant owners and office managers have trusted Anyclean with their building facade or front maintenance. We understand the importance of our task and repay the trust with hard work, impeccable attention to detail, and punctuality. Ground-floor and interior office window cleaning does not differ greatly in operative methods from our residential visits - we use the same gear and algorithm to dust and polish the glass surfaces. 

For mid-level windows (between 30 and 100 feet) we usually rely on the combination of Reach & Wash and hydraulic platforms. Anything above the 100-feet barrier falls into the high-rise window cleaning category - the premium feature in our portfolio for commercial and corporate customers. High-rise facade maintenance does not differ greatly in cleaning techniques - the real challenge here is access and safety considerations. Anyclean excels in both regards. All our experts go through extensive training courses and have long years of experience operating with abseiling rope systems, suspended platforms, scaffolding, and cradles. Throughout our professional tenure, we haven't had a single serious accident or property damage - and we intend to keep our unblemished record this way!