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What Can We Clean For You?


  • All types of standard windows
  • Ranch sliders, glass doors, and French windows
  • Conservatories
  • Light tubes and skylights
  • Interior and exterior glazing
  • Cladding
  • Solar (photovoltaic) panels
  • Glass and mirror landscaping elements and features
  • Glass domes and atria
  • Commercial and business signage
  • Window displays and storefronts
  • Anyclean provides top-notch facade maintenance for commercial, administrative, and corporate buildings


Office window cleaning in Bromley by Anyclean

What Service Packages Do We Provide For Our Bromley Customers?

Regular Window Treatment

Daily and weekly visits for Bromley business premises, fortnightly and monthly for homes, or individual timetables - you will easily find the most suitable option for you!

One-off Window Polishing

We visit your home or working place, assess the condition of glass surfaces and perform the most effective and thorough clean-up to restore them to their original state.


Emergency Window Cleaning

If you urgently need a one-off treatment within the next 24, Anyclean is one of the few contractors in the industry that can accommodate a visit on such short notice.

Home Window Cleaning

Effective and hassle-free window care done right! Our BWCA-certified technicians will perform Reach & Wash procedures and squeegee polishes to a spot-free finish!

Commercial Window Care

100% sanitary coverage of your window displays and glass fronts. The most effective building facade maintenance in Bromley comes at a surprisingly affordable cost!

Office Window Maintenance

The perfect cleaning solution for window and facade upkeep for administrative and corporate premises. We only cooperate with trained and BWCA-certified cleaners.

Detailed window polishing near C258 8R Bromley, United Kingdom

What Makes Us The Best BR1 Glass Polishing Choice?

  • We employ the Ionic Reach & Wash equipment
  • Totally risk-free glass care
  • Affordable prices with no hidden fees
  • Excellent BWCA-trained window washers
  • Comprehensive service portfolio
  • Eco-friendly glass treatment - no detergents
  • No scaffolds or ladders needed

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Our Most Recent Cleaning Appointments In Bromley


  • Weekly restaurant window displays washing at North Rd, Bromley BR1 3LG.
  • House cladding cleaning treatment at Park Rd, Bromley BR1 3HJ.
  • Regular home window polish at Rochester Ave, Bromley BR1 3DN.
  • Large-scale commercial window cleaning at High St, Bromley BR1 1PQ.

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Trust The Top-rated Local Window Cleaners

Anyclean's top-notch window cleaning services are at your disposal in the nearby areas as well:


Anyclean serves the entire area within a 4-mile perimeter around the Elmfield Park business area

at Elmfield Rd, Bromley BR1 1LR, United Kingdom

Home Window Maintenance

How cool would it be to have your windows sparkling without having to lift a finger? Now you can have your cake and eat it too! Anyclean gives you the perfect alternative to the never-ending scrubbing, dusting and polishing - our regular visits will substitute those annoying tasks and keep your windows and all glass surfaces at home in better condition than ever!

How do we achieve it? Do not expect anything outlandish from our performance - the Anyclean specialists believe in the good old hard work and attention to detail. We spray the designated area for treatment with pure water, quickly polish with a squeegee, and then wipe it perfectly clean with a soft cloth. The whole process rarely requires more than a couple of minutes per window, unless we have to deal with a specific problem.
Cleaning the upper-floor or attic windows is even easier. The Ionic water-fed optic poles neatly treat any glass or UPVC surface under 70 feet with 0% risk of damage. Before you know it, your windows will be glowing in the sunshine without a speck of dust or a tiny stain on them. Apart from the traditional types of windows, we can also clean:

  • French windows and sliding doors
  • Bay windows
  • Jalousie windows
  • Double-hung sash windows
  • Skylights, cupolas, and light tubes
  • Clerestory windows.

*Our technicians will always dust and polish all window sills, frames, and handles as well. 

Risk-free window washing in the vicinity of C236 CW Bromley, United Kingdom

Window Washing For Local Businesses

Anyclean is proud to have served some of the most recognisable and beloved business brands in the area. Local shops and mini stores, cafes, restaurants, and pubs - the vibe and colour of BR1 - have been our regular customers for years! If you want to share their experience of reliable service, hassle-free treatment, and friendly, mutual respect, book one of the following regular maintenance options:

  • Street-level window cleaning - the manual squeegee polish of the glass fronts and window displays makes sure they remain in pristine condition 24/7! For busy areas or premises with high customer exposure, we strongly recommend our daily maintenance packages. Rest assured, we will fully adjust to your timetable!
  • Upper-floor window cleaning - quick, safe, and hassle-free, our fortnightly or monthly Reach & Wash visits will remove the dust, stains, and spots from your office windows and make them look like brand new.
  • Anyclean offers FREE-OF-CHARGE high-rise window cleaning consultations - call us on 020 7099 6964 to book an appointment with one of our representatives.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is ionised water good for cleaning windows?

It is not just good - it is the best you can use! Tap water contains a multitude of elements like calcium and sodium which reduce its glass cleaning quality. On the contrary, ionised water is 100% pure and highly efficient for dust and stain removal.

How high can you get with a water-fed pole?

Anything below the 70-ft limit is within our cleaning range.

What is included in professional window washing?

Apart from the panes, we also clean the sills, frames, and handles.

Customer Reviews


"Booking Anyclean was a game-changer for my small restaurant! My front windows and displays look incomparably better, and my staff does not need to waste their time in glass polishing!"

                                                                                                                                            P. O'Neil, Widmore Rd, Bromley BR1 2RG