Window Cleaning West Ealing

  • Fully guaranteed service at competitive rates
  • Window frames and sills cleaned at no extra cost
  • Previously inaccessible windows washed with ease and greater efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly specialised equipment eliminates ladders, cherry pickers and cradles
  • Highly motivated technicians serve residential and commercial buildings in West Ealing W13 following the latest Health and Safety legislations

You have already decided to trust a professional window cleaning contractor with the sanitary maintenance of all glass surfaces in your West Ealing property. How do you pick up the most suitable partner, though? Many W13 home and business owners find it overwhelming to navigate the endless maze of numbers, offers, and technical terms that the market hurls in their way. At Anyclean, we take the opposite approach and try to make things simple and hassle-free for you. We will not try to convince you that we are the best window cleaning company in the world. There are a few things, however, that we can guarantee.

We have assembled a first-class team of experienced and competent technicians with at least a decade of professional record in the field of domestic and business window cleaning. They can solve any sanitary issue, from the occasional fingerprint or water stains to calcification, pollen, and grime smothering. We work quickly and effectively and offer all West Ealing customers a 100% quality satisfaction guarantee – in case you do not like the final results, we will come back and repeat the necessary procedures FREE OF CHARGE.

If you book us for your regular window upkeep, you will not have to worry about any aspect of the cleaning process – we will bring all the tools we need for the procedures (our technicians do not work with ladders or scaffolds, so do not bother with them), and since we only operate with pure water, you can throw all the glass detergents and sprays out of your closet. We know you are concerned about incidents and the risk of serious damage to your property. Consider this, however – throughout the last twenty years, the Anyclean experts haven’t had a single accident on the job. And even if we did, we fully cover all potential damages by our comprehensive Public Insurance and Liability Policy!

Sounds like quite the bargain, doesn’t it? Once you get to know us better, you will realise you have made the best possible choice for your windows! Give us a quick call on 020 7099 6964, and we will set a cleaning appointment for you right away! Should you have any additional questions, feel free to send us an email or a price quote request via the Contact Form!

What Glass-washing Services Do We Provide?

Since the establishment of the company back in 1998, we have always tried to improve and diversify our service delivery. What started as a small team that mainly concentrated in home window cleaning is now a thriving, well-oiled machine that serves both residential and commercial customers, including some of the leading business brands in West London. If you live or work in West Ealing, you can choose from the following service options:

  • Regular window maintenance – daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly or whatever frequency of visits suits your schedule and sanitary demands. We are at your service seven days per week, all throughout the year.
  • One-off window cleaning – a more thorough, deep-clean treatment of all glass surfaces (mainly for residential property). This package is perfect for specific sanitary cases like spring or end of tenancy cleaning, after-builders clean, etc. 
  • Emergency window cleaning – if you need this one-off procedure within 24 to 48 hours, Anyclean is among the very few contractors in W13 that can accommodate an appointment on such short notice. The quality stays the same, as well as the prices!

Window cleaning may be the focus of our hygienic work, but it does not cover our entire operative range. It also includes the treatment of:

  • Interior and exterior glazing elements 
  • Glass and mirror landscaping elements and features
  • Cladding
  • UPVC and Perspex canopies
  • Solar (photovoltaic) panels
  • French windows, ranch sliders, and glass doors
  • Conservatories
  • Light tubes and skylights
  • Window displays and glass fronts (for shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, pubs, street-level offices, etc.)
  • Commercial and business signage and billboards
  • Glass domes and atriums.
  • Anyclean also offers thorough sanitary facade maintenance for commercial, administrative, and corporate buildings.

What Makes Us The Most Effective West Ealing Window Polishing Contractor?

  • A team of strongly motivated, BWCA-trained, and competent technicians
  • A comprehensive service portfolio for both domestic and business property (check above)
  • Competitive deals, special offers, and exclusive discounts for regular customers
  • A client-friendly pricing policy – safe payments, free quotes, no additional or contract charges
  • We provide both one-off and regular window cleaning services
  • A bullet-proof Public Insurance and Liability Policy for your complete peace of mind
  • Implementing the Reach & Wash technique for upper-floor windows to avoid the risk of damage
  • We only work with pure water and organic materials, providing you with a health-safe and eco-friendly alternative to the chemical-based detergents and glass sprays
  • A 100% customer satisfaction guarantee – we always come equal to our promise of excellence
  • The Anyclean technicians work with the best brands of window cleaning gear, available in the UK (Ionic, Unger).

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Home Window Cleaning In West Ealing W13

What does it take to keep your windows in pristine condition all throughout the year? Many people would spend countless hours annually in scrubbing and polishing and still come short of their expectations. Others would resign from the chore altogether, putting up with their windows dimmed by dust, spots and stains. Then, there is the small but increasing group of homeowners who have found a hassle-free, comfortable alternative – the Anyclean regular glass maintenance packages. Combining ultimate efficiency with reasonable prices, we can fight off the sanitary blemishes and restore the windows to their original, cosy look. Relying on the adopted skills and amassed knowledge, we can counter any sanitary issue – our technicians are not afraid to get their hands wet and dirty, though the job rarely requires it. We have Unger squeegees and soft cloths on our side, while the upper floors, attics and the roof photovoltaic panels are the reserved territory for the Ionic water-fed poles. 

Do not worry if you have some specific types of windows at home, we are more than competent in the treatment of:

  • Clerestory windows
  • Bay windows
  • French windows and sliding doors
  • Cupolas, light tubes, and skylights
  • Jalousie windows
  • Double-hung sash windows.

*We always perform thorough dusting and polishing of all windows sills, frames, and handles as well.

Business Window Cleaning

Do your commercial, retail or office premises get the best facade maintenance and window cleaning that money can buy in West London? If you are not certain about the answer, you should definitely contact Anyclean! For more than twenty years, we have helped West Ealing businesses remain competitive and attractive for their customers, delivering daily polishing and stain prevention services, working hard to meet the requirements of a wide range of customers.

Here is a quick outlook of how we can help you:

  • Street-level window cleaning – squeegee dust and polish of every square inch of your front displays and building facades. Depending on your location and customer exposure you can opt for daily (strongly recommended for busy areas) or weekly visits. 
  • Upper-floor window cleaning – our Reach & Wash procedures will keep the exterior windows neat and clean, removing any stains, pollen, and bird droppings. Best prices in W13 guaranteed!
  • Anyclean is a top-notch high-rise window cleaning contractor, cooperating with some of the leading specialists in the field! For free consultations and pricing quotes, be sure to get in touch with us on 020 7099 6964!

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Anyclean – Company Profile

  • A fully certified Safe Contractor, strictly following the latest COSHH rules and regulations.
  • Holding the British Window Cleaning Academy (BWCA) Stamp of Approval for its outstanding training performance.
  • A long-term member of the British Institute for Cleaning Science and the Guild of Master Craftsmen.
  • An ISO:9001 company, holding the OHSAS:18001 professional certificate.


“My Anyclean window cleaner is a man of few words and many skills – much better than the other way round, and trust me – I’ve had such!”

“The most reliable window cleaning team I have ever come across! The customer support was extra helpful in guiding me to the best service option for my retail premises!”

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