April Spring Clean (a.k.a. End of Tenancy Cleaning) – Get Set For Some Action

By Nick Vassilev

updated: 18/01/2023

Deep Clean in the Busiest Time of the Year

March, April and May are busy times of year for anyone who’s interested in having a clean home – which should include everybody who cares about their health. This is the time of year that is set aside for a traditional spring clean. Some people call in local South East London professional end of tenancy cleaners to do this sort of work for them; others prefer to get stuck in and do it themselves.

Plan Like You’ve Never Planned Before

Before you start on your spring cleaning, it pays to have a plan. In today’s busy modern world, time is precious and who wants to spend every single sunny spring day when the birds are singing and the daffodils are blooming stuck indoors with a mop and a duster? You need to set some priorities for what you really want to achieve through a session of spring cleaning. This list of priorities can be for you or it can be good to hand to a professional cleaner who you’ve called in to help you with the job.
The tasks that should be prioritised for spring cleaning shouldn’t be your run-of-the-mill domestic cleaning chores. This is where you can get heavy-duty. This is where you can do all those jobs that you’re going to get around to some day, as well as those domestic chores that you don’t need to do on a weekly or monthly basis.

Do Not Leave Cleaning Tasks For “Next Time”

Some of the jobs that have a tendency to be put on the “Get Around To It” list are things like cleaning out the attic, wiping out the insides of cupboards, decluttering any high-clutter areas and sorting out wardrobes. You might also need to sort out children’s bedrooms, toy cupboards and study areas – all areas that tend to attract chaos and clutter.

List of Things To Do Is a Great idea

Jobs that only have to be done once a year include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and rug cleaning. Some Full House Deep Clean Service in South East Londonspecial ethnic rugs need to be professionally cleaned once a year in order for the warranty to remain valid, so this is where you need to have a pro carpet cleaning service handy. You can clean your own carpets with one of those hired steam cleaning machines, if you like. Floor cleaning in general is good to save for spring cleaning – wooden floors need a good dollop of polish on an annual basis, so now is a good time to do it. Other annual jobs that are often saved for a spring cleaning session include:
  • cleaning the inside of the oven (normally a part of an end of tenancy cleaning job)
  • cleaning the screens of computer monitors and TVs (however, you may want to do this more frequently if the screen gets dirty thanks to flies or (eeek!) splashes of coffee)
  • upholstery cleaning – curtains need a freshen-up to stop them looking tired and dingy
  • washing out the inside of an outdoor dog kennel, especially if it’s had a muddy dog in it all winter
  • wiping down skirting boards, architraves and dado rails
  • cleaning out the interior of a car, including vacuuming – a must if you’re one of those people who practically lives in their car.
Of course, everybody will have a different list, and the spring cleaning list for your house will look different from the one for my house. The important thing is to make sure that you have that priority list of things you want to achieve. It makes the whole process a lot easier.

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