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updated: 15/10/2023

Specialised restaurant kitchen cleaningA very large percentage of the people do not trust green cleaning products and they would never use them to clean at home or in the restaurant. It is proven however that green cleaning products are as effective as the toxic ones we use in our everyday life.

People who own restaurants face the necessity to clean the kitchen few times a day as it is in constant use and scrubbing the surfaces is essential. By using toxic cleaning products in the room where the food is cooked and prepared for the customers, they put in risk not only their kitchen staff, but also their customers and the quality of the food they offer. Using green cleaning products is a great solution to this problem which reduces the risk of allergies on the people involved.

Ovens, hobs and worktops become greasy very easy especially in commercial kitchens where they are widely used for the food to be cooked. If they are not dealt with, they may become a source of bacteria which may be dangerous for the health of the customers and the staff. A green cleaning product with grease and oil removing formula will be very useful for each restaurant’s kitchen.

Tiles, sinks and floors need a special care as soap and lime scale are building up on them and they need to be cleaned few times a day. Similarly to a London office cleaning environment there is a variety of green tile cleaning products which provide excellent results without the use of toxins.

Cupboards and shelves do not require harsh chemicals to be cleaned and disinfected, but they need to be wiped down regularly as stains from food ingredients and spillages from cooked food might appear.  To remove food marks from these surfaces, use a multi-purpose green cleaner.

Freezers and other food storing places also need to be maintained clean and to ensure they are free from germs and bacteria. Green cleaning products are extremely helpful for such surfaces as the products have to be scent free. If you use a regular cleaning product, the perfume might change the flavour of the food.

Green cleaning products are very effective for cleaning residential dwellings as well as providing cleaning services to commercial premises and despite their natural content, they deliver excellent results.

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