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updated: 18/01/2023

A recent study announced that exercising while doing your domestic cleaning chores improves your mental health. When we say mental health, we mean depression, stress or addiction and there is a way for a person to improve the condition in which he or she is. There are many factors which can contribute to a poor mental health – past traumatic situations, stress, work, family, but maintaining a good physical health certainly has a positive impact on your mental health as both are related to one another.

Apart from eating healthy food, having enough sleep and exercising regularly, there is something else which can improve your mental health. It is proved that creating better living conditions by cleaning your home improves your mood and mental health. Moreover, removing the dirt and the clutter from your home makes the atmosphere more relaxing and comfortable which will make you feel happier. Even cleaning the house is a good way to take your mind off of something you think about constantly. You can use cleaning as a way to change your emotions for example to feel better when you are annoyed or frustrated.

Twenty minutes of exercise can significantly improve your health and help you overcome a depression and other mental problems. The more frequent the exercise is, the greater the effect is and certainly cleaning the house can add benefit to your life. Even a low level of physical activity including domestic cleaning, walking, dancing or sports lower psychological distress. The more active you stay, the less likely you will be suffering from stress or anxiety. Although house cleaning do not keep you that active as sports, it still lowers the risk for your health. These activities really make a difference although in severe cases, people need to seek professional help.

In some cases the mental problem might be more serious than it looks and in this case you should consider contacting a therapist. The therapist will be able to find out what makes the patient suffering from decline in his mental health and will be able to suggest a way to improve his state. Everyone should be happy living their life and if you can’t find a way to enjoy it, the therapist will be able to help in one way or another.

Physical activity is important for all ages as it undoubtedly makes the body and the brain function better, but it is proved that activity in the middle age trains the body to use oxygen more effectively in generating energy which delays biological ageing by few years. Even if you are over 55, it is never late to start exercising. Regular aerobic exercise while cleaning your house will keep you active and will be good for your health in so many ways. The house cleaning activities including gardening will make a huge difference in your well being.

Hopefully you understand the importance of regular exercising and perhaps it should not come as a surprise that cleaning your house yourself has a great impact on reducing psychological distress.

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Nick Vassilev

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