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updated: 05/10/2023

Do you ever feel like you clean your life away, always cleaning after everyone else’s mess and feel like there’s so much more cleaning to accomplish and nothing seems like its getting done? You look around and you feel like there is so much more to do still.

A clean house is important health wise and of course, so you can show it off with pride. However, uncovering getting a clean is sometimes a lot of endless hard work! Whether you love cleaning or not, these there are ways to make it easier on your self so you have time for the things that really matter in life.

Below I listed some helpful tips on how to clean faster and make the house sparkle.


Make things easier – use the supplies and techniques used by professionals. Be a copycat!

Speed cleaning may sound unrealistic, but we all know that we can make it happen. How many times have you ran around the house like a lunatic straighten up the house before someone came over? How do you speed clean?

Make every move count. That means work around the room once. Do not begin again. It also means you must carry your equipment and supplies with you so you do not make dozens of aggravating trips back and forth across the room. Walk around the room once and you are done, except for the floor.

Use the right tools. Here is probably the major time saver of the bunch. Give your specialized gadgets to your enemies. You need real tools that cut time to shreds. Most of all, you need a cleaning apron to hang tools on and store cleaning supplies in as you move around the room. The method depends on it, and soon you will feel lost without yours.

Work from top to bottom. Dirt follows the laws of gravity just like anything else. When you start at the top and work to the bottom, you will not be constantly re-cleaning surfaces with dirt from above.

If it is not dirty, do not clean it. Vertical surfaces are almost never as dirty as horizontal surfaces. Upper shelves and moulding have less dust than lower ones. Often all that is dirty about a surface is a few fingerprints, so do not clean the whole area.

Do not rinse or wipe a surface before it is clean. You will just have to start over. In other words, when you are cleaning a surface, do not rinse or wipe just to see if you are done. If you were wrong, you will have to start all over again. Learn to check as you are cleaning by “seeing through” the gunk to the surface below. Then you can tell when it is dislodged and ready to be wiped or rinsed only once!

Do not keep working after it is clean. Once you have reached ground zero, stop! You are cutting into leisure time. Rinse or wipe and move on.

If what you are doing is not going to work, then shift to a heavier-duty cleaner or tool. You are going to get very good at knowing what tool or product to use without having to throw everything in the book at it. You will be learning to anticipate what to reach for before you start a task so you will not have to shift.

Keep your tools in impeccable shape. Dull razors scratch-they do not clean. Clogged spray bottles puff up and make funny noises-they do not spray.

Repetition makes for smoother moves. Always put your tools back in the same spot in your apron. You cannot spare the time to fumble around for them. You cannot afford to leave them lying around in alien places for the dog to carry away. You will quickly get so expert you will become aggravated if the tool you expected is not in the right spot when you reach for it. Progress, progress.

Pay attention. Almost everything else will fall into place if you do. Do not think about anything else. Focus…Do what you are doing.

Keep track of your time. Get a little faster every time.

Use both hands. Your work force is half idle if one hand is doing all the work. Finish one-step with one hand and start the next step with the other. Alternatively, wipe with one hand while the other steadies the object.

Now since you know the true secret of faster domestic cleaning go to it! In addition, if you do not like to clean, just get a professional cleaning service!

About the author 

Nick Vassilev

Nick blogs about cleaning. He is a cleaning expert with more than 25 years of experience. He is also an NCCA-certified carpet cleaner. Founder and CEO of Anyclean.