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updated: 05/10/2023

Towels come in different sizes, quality and colours, but they all require the same care in order to be clean and free from bacteria. Here are some important factors which count towards the overall cleanliness of the towels.

Hanging towels

There is no certain rule how often the towels should be washed, but it all depends on the way you hang them. If after use you stretch out your towel in an airy place, it will have enough room for it to dry properly. The more it is exposed to the air, the faster it will dry and you will be able to fold it and prepare it for the next use. This does not mean you can use your towel for months without washing it. The maximum time between washes is accepted to be up to a week. If you do not have a suitable space for example a balcony or a garden to hang your towel  and you hang it on hooks close to other towels, there is great possibility it remains a bit damp. The constant dampness on the towels will make them more vulnerable to bacteria as bacterial have the ability to multiply in wet environment. Towels which do not dry completely after each use should be washed more frequently than those whose entire surface is exposed to the air. Washing them every second day is a reasonable time.

Laundry detergents

Towel should be immediately washed if you notice a wet smell coming out of the towel. If you notice the towel is still wet a day after you have last used it, it is definitely time to wash it. Washing the towels with the correct detergent is also very important. Choosing a quality washing powder will result on the life of your towels, but do not forget that most of the washing powders contain brightening agents which make the white towels look white, but the colours of the coloured towels fade after few washes. It is a good habit to separate colour towels from the white ones and wash them separately. You may find useful to have a variety of laundry detergents in your laundry room and use a washing powder which does not contain whitening agents for the coloured ones and whitening washing powder for the white towels. You will be sure all your towels look good and you will avoid the lighter towels to absorb from the colour of the coloured ones. Fabric softeners could be added to your wash, but they reduce the absorbency of the towels especially when they are new. If you like fabric softeners and feel that you need to use it, do not put excessive quantity as it will leave a fine coating on the towel fibres and it will significantly reduce its absorbency.

Drying towels

There are two options for drying towels. One of them is in the tumble dryer where the recommended temperature is up to 60 degrees C. If you prefer drying the towels outside, do not expose them to a direct sunlight as it may fade colours and make the towel become harsh.

Hopefully you will find these housekeeping tips useful and will give you a better idea how often you need to wash your towels and what techniques and detergents to use when washing them.

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