House Cleaning Tricks From the Cleaning Lady

When having a domestic cleaner, she might be able to reveal some useful cleaning tips which are not popular, but are very efficient. Here are some of these tips which we believe you will find useful for your home.

Cleaning Blinds

Close the blinds and wipe them down with a damp cloth, usually a cotton one or a microfiber one will do best. You will be able to clean the dust and your blinds will be visibly clean and shine.  


Instead of using cloths to clean bathtubs, hobs and sinks and ovens, use a sponge. It will do half of your job as it will scrub the dirt and grease and you can rinse with clean water. It will save you lots of efforts and time, although you need to be careful on certain surfaces not to leave scratches with the harsh part of the sponge.

Glass Cleaning

To clean and polish glass and mirror, cut an old 100% cotton shirt which you do not need anymore and use it as a rag. A glass cleaner is what you need, but if you prefer to use a natural cleaner, use diluted vinegar. It leaves no streaks and makes mirrors, windows and glass surfaces shiny.

Clean Mould

If your bathroom or shower room is with mould on the walls, use vinegar. Spray it all over and the smell will be gone. To clean the mould itself, use thick bleach and it will completely clean it.

Cleaning Ovens

For very greasy and burnt ovens, use a metal brush which will remove most of the debris. Then use an oven cleaner, spray the oven from the inside and wait at least 20 minutes before scrubbing. After all the grease has been dissolved by the detergent, rinse with a sponge and clean water. At the end polish the oven with a dry cloth.


Bathmats are full of bacteria due to the fact they are in a humid environment which the bacteria like and also because we step on them with bare foot. Along with the regular vacuuming, they need to be washed every week in order for the dirt to be gone and the bacteria to be killed. If the mats become over wet, try to dry them, but do not replace the washing with drying.

Mopping Floors

When mopping wooden floors, using vinegar or acid based floor cleaners may discolour the floor. If you do not have a suitable floor cleaner, use plain water or add a bit of a soap in the water.

Multipurpose Cleaner

In rare cases when you are run out of cleaning products, you can use washing up liquid diluted in water as a multipurpose cleaner. It is not the best solution, but could be used from time to time.


To clean cobwebs, you don't need to use any modern and expensive equipment. You can get a stick from your garden and put a cloth or a rag at the end. Go over the corners and edges of each room in your house, wash the cloth and make it ready for the next use.