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By Nick Vassilev

updated: 16/11/2023

Doing domestic cleaning is not something most of us enjoy. In fact, we dread doing it. It feels so much easier to put it off rather than doing it right away. But like it or not, you have to get it done. It’s to keep you sane (mess up house can mess your head up) and you want to be prepared too especially if a guest come unannounced. Don’t fret though, below are some handy tips for efficient domestic cleaning.

Let’s begin with the easiest one to do. Clean one part at a time. Let’s take a fridge as an example. Pick one area to clean, remove all the items from that part then wipe the interior. After you are done, put back all the items. Now you are done with one part. Do this every week and rotate with other parts of the refrigerator. You’ll be amazed that when you see the whole refrigerator is clean after a few weeks doing it. You can try this trick with your bathroom too. Remember, do one part at a time.

If you live in a house with many people, divide the tasks to everyone. The load will be much lighter when the job is divided and it can be rotated too. Or everyone can do the cleaning together, focusing on one area at a time. Plan to make cleaning as part of the weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Thinking that cleaning can be done all at once will only make you to procrastinate. Plan ahead when you should do the cleaning. Cleaning regularly is much better than doing it all at once in who knows how many months; when the mess is too much to handle that is.

One more way to go about domestic cleaning is clear up the clutter in your house. That means either you throw away or sell any unused or unwanted items in your house. How can you decide if you still need the items or not? For things that you never use in one year and you think you won’t need it in coming months, then you can throw it away. For items that still works but you can live without it, then you can sell it. The rest are keepers. Just remember this, if you really need the item, you don’t really need to contemplate whether you need it or not; because you use it regularly. Clearing up the clutter will bring peace of mind as well. Can’t believe it? Try clear up your desk today and feel the difference.

Next tip is keeping all the cleaning tools in one place. This may seem trivial but it will save you time compared to just randomly place them. It may even affect your mood to do cleaning. Just imagine that you are thinking of doing the cleaning but after spending so much time looking for cleaning tools, you lose the will and go lazing around instead.

There you have a few tips on how to do house cleaning the right way. Focusing on one part at a time, setting a schedule for cleaning, dividing the chores as well as keeping all the tools at one place and you are on your way to cleaner and tidier house.

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