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updated: 05/06/2024

Home lighting cleaning tipsCleaning the lighting at your home is essential as any other areas as they also get dusty. It is also proved that dirty light bulbs and shades give less light to your living spaces and there are some useful tips which you can follow to improve the light at your home.

To clean lampshades, use a cloth or a brush to do the dusting. Depending on the material, you may decide to use a soapy water instead to do the cleaning. For example glass shades will be best cleaned with the use if a water and a liquid, then rinsed and dried on a towel. For most of the lampshades though, dusting with a dry cloth should be sufficient for the accumulated dirt to be removed.

To clean light bulbs, a dry cloth will be all you need. Just remove the dust from the light bulb and you will notice the difference.

From time to time you will also need to look after the outdoor lighting. Solar lights are the greatest choice for home owners as they are eco friendly and help you save money on utility bills. Cleaning this type of lights is essential for their proper working. Before you start cleaning them, remove them from the ground and take them apart in order to clean them effectively. After you wash them in a bowl of warm soapy water, rinse and dry them before assembling them and putting them back in their original place.

Light fixtures and chandeliers are cleaned in a similar way. Unplug them and let them cool down first. Disassemble them as much as possible and clean each part with a warm soapy water. With a damp cloth remove the soap from the light fixture or just rinse it with a tap water. Let them dry and assemble all the parts together. Although it might look to you a time consuming process, you will speed up this process when you do it few times and you will notice a big difference after you switch it back on.

Cleaned lights provide better sparkle and beauty at home and regular cleaning is worth the efforts and time.

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