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updated: 04/10/2023

The wedding dress is the dress every woman dreams about all her life and it is the finest one she has ever worn. Around the preparation and during the wedding ceremony, nasty stains may appear which you don’t want to spoil your wedding party. Even though you try to protect your dress from spillages, they are inevitable sometimes. Nobody wants to see a disappointed bride especially on her special day leaving her with unsatisfied feeling for the most expected day. Fortunately there are solutions to these problems some of which we will outline below.

As a preventative measure before the wedding, wear the wedding dress in a sealable clean bag to prevent it gets stained. Don’t take it out for any reason before it is time to dress up. It is a fact that all brides want to take pictures outdoors before the wedding and you should be extremely careful with mud, grass and dirt which may easily transfer on the dress during the photography. When choosing the menu for your wedding party, avoid saucy food which may cause a mess during the feast. When buying the dress, choose the material carefully and always read the label to be able to understand how to care about your dress and prepare your emergency stain removal kit.

Even the smallest stains may cause unnecessary stress, but some techniques which could be applied to the stains, theHow to quickly deal with stains on your wedding dress situation may improve. Fortunately some stains are too small or too light to be noticed and you can deal with them after the wedding. If you try to remove those stains, they may become worse which is why you should leave them alone. You just need to stop thinking about the at all happened and behave as normal.

When you encounter a stain, never rub the stain as you may spread it around or rub it deeper into the fabric. With a white towel blot as much as possible from it by pressing the towel over the stain. Always do the spot treatment from the edges towards the centre of the stain.

  • Water based stains – Absorb with a dry towel as much as possible from the stain. Soak a towel in a warm water and dab the stained area until the stain disappears.
  • Oil based stains – Sprinkle baby powder over the stain and dust the powder to absorb the oil.
  • Make up stains – A stain removal wipe should work on this types of stains.
  • Ink based stains – You will need to use alcohol in order to remove this types of stain. Blot the stain with a dry clean towel and then soak another towel in an alcohol and dub the stain with it.
  • Chewing gum stains – For this type of stain use an ice cube first. It will harden the gum which could be easily scraped off after that.

Hopefully the worst will not happen to you on your wedding day, but just in case have these tips in mind which will help you remove these stains which look disastrous the quick and easy way.

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