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updated: 29/10/2023

Ink stains are considered to be a big time hazard, both in office as well as at home. For office workers and for students it is a considerable cause of concern, because it makes one look extremely clumsy. It is still okay, if you have ink stains on your hands, but it is even more frustrating when it gets on to your clothes. If you let the stains set in, then it is even more difficult to remove. But nowadays, removing ink stains is not so much of a pain, as it used to be in the past. You don’t have to forget about your ink stained clothes, as there is a solution to removing them. So, how do we remove ink stains? Read on, and you’ll find out.

You must make sure that you first proceed to dab the ink stain with that of a wet sponge. Then make sure that you allow the stain to dry. After that pour or spray enough of the hair spray and some denatured alcohol on to the stains and let it set for a considerable span of time. Soon after sandwich the fabric which has been stained between that of two paper-made towels. After that carry on the process by blotting the backside of that of the stained fabric and make sure that the stain has completely lifted on to the other paper towel. Soon after that put an application of stain remover or you can also apply pre-laundry treatment. And last but not the least, proceed to wash the entire garment in lukewarm water and then allow it to dry.

During the application of denatured alcohol, make sure that you do it with a clean cotton swab. The fabric should be washed as usual in cold water. The hair spray and the denatured alcohol are such strong ingredients that you will immediately find the paper towel taking a blue colour. There are a number of things you will learn during the process of removing ink stains. The first and the foremost is that you need to change your backing sheet. After that you can easily carry the ink stain through that of the backing cloth or sheet followed to the fabric. You must also carry on with quick blots which mean that you should be putting the alcohol on the blot on a quick and repeated basis. It is because the capillary action is increased to a maximum level through this.

It should also be kept in mind that ink stains can be classified into a number of categories. There are some which are known as water based ink stains which are much easier to remove and then there are some known as permanent ink stains which poses you quite a tough challenge in the removal process. A home made quick solution tip – baking soda is also considered to be a good domestic cleaning agent when it comes to the removal of ink stains. Before proceeding on with the drying process you must make sure that the stain is gone completely.

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