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updated: 04/10/2023

Indoor air quality is an important part of the overall hygiene of your home and a certain improvement could be Air Duct Cleaningachieved by cleaning your heating and cooling system. Like any other part of your house, air duct also requires regular maintenance to avoid contamination with dust particles and debris. If for some reason there is moisture in there, the chances of developing mould in the house are really big which may cause allergies and other health reactions.

When is Cleaning Necessary?

Although cleaning the air duct is beneficial for every household, it isn’t necessary the cleaning to be carried out very often. It is probably a good idea the air duct to be inspected first and cleaning to be undertaken only in case there is an indication of contamination. If anyone from your family is suffering unusual illness and you are certain that cleaning the air duct will improve his/her health, cleaning the air duct is something you should think about. You should also consider cleaning your air duct if:

  • There is visible mould growths in the house
  • The air duct has been infested by vermin
  • There is a large amount of dust and other particles which are spread indoors
  • If you have fuel burning stoves or fireplaces.

Who carries out the duct cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is carried out by a service provider with the necessary qualification and competence. They usually advise home owners whether their duct needs cleaning by inspecting their cooling and heating system components. It is very important you hire a professional company which guarantees their work and when hired will clean each component appropriately and remove all contaminants. After the system has been cleaned from any visible dust and debris, certain chemicals may be applied to the duct in order to kill invisible bacteria.

When hiring a duct cleaning company, always do some research and ask them for their certificate for the provision of services. When they come to your home for an inspection, ask them to prove your duct needs cleaning by showing you the results from the inspection. A guaranteed service is a one you should look for in case your heating or cooling system fails to work as expected after the cleaning. It is also essential that you speak to other customers who used their services to ensure they didn’t have any bad experience with the company.

Apart from the knowledge and the necessary experience, the cleaning company should be equipped with a suitable vacuum cleaners and products to remove any accumulated dust. They also need to have different brushes to brush away dust from different surfaces. Choosing the best duct cleaning service provider is important as using improper cleaning equipment and incompetent technician may damage your ducts and lead to poor indoor air quality.

In Conclusion

As the conditions in every home are different, it is impossible to conclude whether cleaning the air duct at your home would be beneficial or not, but having it cleaned occasionally is logical as it accumulates dust and dirt over time.

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