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updated: 05/06/2024

How to keep your home carpets in the best shape possibleCarpet is a common floor type not only in the UK, but all over the world. In most of the properties, carpets cover over half of the floor area and they enhance the interior of the rooms. Usually the carpeted rooms are the bedrooms, the living room, the dining room and the hallway including the stairs. In the traffic areas carpets change their look and they require a regular washing to keep the carpet colour equal everywhere. They also need to be maintained in a good condition from a hygienic point of view. As they are fixed to the edges of the room, they have to be cleaned on site while loose rugs could be taken to the laundry.

A very useful advice that professional carpet cleaners give is to put a doormat by the front door to prevent the dirt go inside of the property. They recommend the shoes to be taken off at the front door and to walk on the carpet with slippers. They say that the more often you vacuum the carpet, the more you improve its look as vacuuming reduces the amount of dust in the carpet fibres.

There are several methods you can choose to clean your carpet. One of them is very popular and it is a hot water extraction method. This method is considered an efficient one as a carpet cleaning solution is sprayed into the carpet fibres and extracted with a heavy duty machine. It removes stains, dirt and bad odour from the carpet and keeps it free of bacteria for about six months. The other carpet cleaning method is a dry host cleaning, which is primarily used for carpets made from natural plant fibres. This type of cleaning leaves the carpet completely dry as a dry compound is brushed into the carpet after which it is extracted by the machine.

Carpet types vary from very cheap to very expensive ones, but they all require a regular cleaning in order to look beautiful and to be health enough for all of your family.

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