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updated: 18/11/2023

Cleaning the bathroom, scrubbing the kitchen, washing the floor and doing the ironing are just part of the domestic cleaning tasks we all have to do regularly regardless whether we like doing them. Fortunately there are people who love cleaning and they help the others who don’t like the cleaning chores for a small fee. They are happy to provide any cleaning service you need – window cleaning, carpet cleaning, after party cleaning, spring cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning or a regular weekly service and it is up to you to decide how frequently you How to choose the best detergents for your home?want them in your home. If you think you will not be able to clean your house on a regular basis, it is recommended you choose a schedule and hire the domestic cleaners to clean for you on those days. Only this way you will have a beautiful and sparkling home without stress. Moreover, cleaning the dust and killing the bacteria will improve the health of your family.

For these and many more reasons it is beneficial to hire a domestic cleaner who satisfies your domestic cleaning needs. As each home is individual and each family has different activities throughout the day, you should specify the timing with your cleaner in terms of which task will be done when. If necessary you can make changes on the go, but always consult with your cleaner as she might have other concerns which you are not aware of. Also it is advisable you prepare a task list for her what she has to do on each cleaning visit to avoid miscommunications and disappointments. Most of the cleaners also prefer to have a task list prepared for them to ensure they provide you with the best service you deserve.

When choosing the cleaner for your home, remember that safety is a top priority. Usually the reputable domestic cleaning companies work with trustworthy and reliable people and they are fully insured. Before you go ahead and book your cleaner, make sure you check at least two of her references and only give her a key for your home when you feel completely comfortable with her.

Following these simple rules will result in your home being clean at all times and eliminating the stress from your life.

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Nick Vassilev

Nick blogs about cleaning. He is a cleaning expert with more than 25 years of experience. He is also an NCCA-certified carpet cleaner. Founder and CEO of Anyclean.