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updated: 19/07/2024

Who’s who in your circle of friends and family? And how can and does each type benefit from natural cleaning methods?

Who: Cleanies

What: These are the people with immaculate homes. No matter when you drop in, the place is always perfectly ordered. These people are the most likely to have white sofas and carpets. The house usually smells either of clean, fresh air or of air freshener and disinfectant. Cleanies know the names of every single cleaning product on the market and then some, and can become fanatical about their favourites. No self-respecting germs or vermin will dare poke their noses into a Cleanie’s home and even the toilet is so hygienic and germ-free you could eat off it (but don’t try this). Dust is also unknown and unseen, and this home is most likely to be clutter-free… unless you count the army of cleaning products in a cupboard or under the sink.

How natural cleaning methods help this person: Cleanies can sometimes be over-fond of commercial chemical-laced products, and this can ultimately cause health problems for a Cleanie in spite of all their hygienic precautions. A switch to natural cleaning products is a must to stop a Cleanie slowly poisoning him/herself. Cleanies are most likely to love Enjo cloths (these do an amazing cleaning job with no chemicals and leave everything sparkling) and high-tech methods.

Who: Greenies

What: These people are the ones who try to make minimal impact on the planet. They probably have a vegetable garden and a solar water heater – and possibly a wind turbine. Food served in this house is likely to be organic, vegetarian and grown locally. Furniture in a Greenie’s house is most likely to be made of wood, preferably recycled and unvarnished, with soft bits being made of natural materials such as cotton. Flowers and pot plants abound, and there’s probably a few animals living in or around the house, too.

How natural cleaning methods help this person: natural cleaning products give a Greenie a way to keep their house fit for humans to live in without sacrificing their consciences, as the products break down quickly and easily without harming the waterways or the soil, and producing them is also easy on the environment. Greenies are most likely to love home-made wood polish and lavender oil.

Who: Meanies

What: Meanies are thrifty, and like to cut costs wherever they can. Meanies like to get the most use out of anything they buy and are quite inventive and resourceful when it comes to reusing and mending.

The home of a Meanie is likely to be cluttered (“You can’t throw that out; it might come in useful one day”) and maybe a little on the sloppy side, as commercial cleaning products are so expensive and no way will a Meanie employ a cleaner to do it for them. Meanies are also likely to have a vegetable garden.

How natural cleaning methods help this person: natural cleaning products are cheaper than commercial ones – take the example of baking soda, which costs about a quarter of what a bottle of spray-on bathroom cleaning goop costs but lasts longer and can be used to clean more. The same goes for vinegar. Meanies are most likely to love soap gel (the best use for old soap scraps that are too small to wash hands with properly) and vinegar.

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Nick Vassilev

Nick blogs about cleaning. He is a cleaning expert with more than 25 years of experience. He is also an NCCA-certified carpet cleaner. Founder and CEO of Anyclean.