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updated: 03/11/2023

Aquarium cleaning tipsIn many households there are pets living in which bring joy and happiness. Fishes especially are very beautiful, but they need to be looked after in order to keep them alive. The fish tanks need to be cleaned at least every two months as bacteria are building up in there and they may be harmful to your pets.

Before you start cleaning the aquarium, make sure you have the necessary tool to take out the fishes from the tank and put them in a container with clean water. The temperature of the water in the alternative container should be similar to the one in the fish tank. This will avoid the fishes to get stressed. After the fishes have been carefully removed from the aquarium, it is time to empty it.

Emptying the fish tank could be done in several ways, depending on its size. Help yourself with a small bucket and dispose the water in the toilet. It is proved that for the fishes it is best when the fish tank isn’t emptied in full and filled up with clean water, but rather only three thirds of it is emptied.

It is very important you wash very well any fish tank accessories as they get really dirty. Take them out of the aquarium and use a brush and warm water to get them cleaned.

As soon as you have taken everything out of the aquarium, it is time to clean it from the inside. Your aim is to clean all algae build ups. They develop quicker and become visible if the water in the fish tank is warm or if the fish tank is exposed to a direct sunlight. To clean the fish tank from inside, use a sponge and a warm water. If it is necessary, you can use a scouring pad or a brush to scrub the filth.

The final step is to put everything back into the aquarium starting with the accessories, the water and the fishes at the end. Make sure the temperature of the water is appropriate before you put the fishes back.

Following these simple steps will ensure your fishes live in a clean and healthy environment which will make them happy members of your family.

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