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updated: 18/01/2023

Cleaning a toilet or a commode is definitely not the best of tasks to do, its no fun at all, then again someone has to do it and if you got to do it then better do it correct.
Often we presume a “clean looking” toilet as “healthy clean” which can be a big hazard to your and your family’s Useful toilet cleaning hackshealth. Most of us spend maximum time cleaning the bowl of the commode, probably because that is the largest and most obvious part of the commode and a clean looking bowl gives you the impression that you have cleaned your commode well. The fact we all know is that we use the seat and seat cover but not really the bowl, because when you use the commode your skin/body actually comes in direct contact with the seating area of the commode. It can be tricky to ensure that you clean your toilet properly; the TV advertisements most of the time show the toilet cleaning products used for the bowl and it’s surprising how we form the mental images of what a clean toilet should like from the TV commercials.
At times we also resort to quick fixes like using the tank cleaners but then remember that the tank cleaners will only clean the tank water and not the commode. Thus the starting point to clean up your toilet is to get one fact straight that there is no real alternative to scrubbing the dirt away. Of course there are different ways of doing it and if you know the right method then you will end up doing this job in lesser time and with lesser distaste for it.
Here are some of the toilet and commode-cleaning products that you need to make a list of and keep it handy.
The toilet cleaning agent or the toilet cleanser, a goggle or the glasses to protect your eyes from the cleansers, sprays, chemicals, bleach etc, Stiff bristle brush, some paper towels to clean outside of commode area like the lid, seat, the handles etc, the spray bottle to mix the cleanser, rubber gloves to protect your hands from the germs and grim etc. Bear in mind that you should not use a sponge for cleaning the toilet, the sponges absorb all the dirt and it will then spread to every area you rub it on the parts of the commode. Moreover you run the risk of the same sponge being used for some other purposes by someone else, of course this would happen either accidentally or by someone who isn’t aware of the fact that it has been used for cleaning the commode.
Once you have all the material in the list handy, get started with the cleaning. First step would be to clean all that is visible on the seat, the tank etc with the paper towel. Flush the commode and then put some toilet cleanser around and under the rim. Wear your eye protection gear and start brushing the bowl, under the rim, lid and the exterior of the bowl and then put the lid down and flush it.
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