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updated: 29/10/2023

Walls tend to absorb smells. The process is so gradual that regular occupants of the area will not even notice it but visitors will. It’s always worthwhile to get a friendly outsider to tell you if your walls smell. This is a common problem in offices because of the large number of people and the limited ventilation which allows cigarette and other odours to linger in the air and get absorbed by the paint on the walls. While regular wall cleaning is something you can talk about with your office cleaners, a sudden visit by a client may necessitate quick action to deodorize the walls.

Remember that the smell a wall absorbs has nothing to do with how clean it is. These are two separate issues. Before you begin to work on the odour, you need to first clean the walls with a brush or cloth. Proceed with the following steps only after the wall is free of surface dirt.

* Spread out a plastic sheet to protect the floor or carpet where you are working from damage due to spills or dripping.

* Fill a bucket with warm water and add very little liquid cleaner to it just enough to create a few bubbles when the mixture is agitated. If excess cleaner or detergent is mixed into the water, a soapy residue will be left on the walls.

* Dampen a sponge or a soft cloth and start wiping the wall.

* Start at the top of the wall, using a step ladder if necessary, and moving from side to side, work your way down to the floor level.

* If there are stubborn stains that do not come off, leave them for the time being and go back to them after this process is finished and try using a spray on cleaner.

* Use paper towels or a clean thick cloth to absorb any excess moisture that may be left on the walls.

* Open all the windows and let the walls dry completely.

This should take care of odour emanating from the walls. But before declaring the job over, you need to clean the air filters of the ventilation and heating / cooling system to prevent the odours trapped there from re-entering the room and being absorbed by the walls all over again.

If after you complete the deodorizing of the walls, you still find a smell in the room, then its time to look at the upholstery, furniture and carpet cleaning done too.

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