Cost-effective End Of Tenancy Cleaning Surrey

An Industry Leading Contractor Since 1998

What Makes Anyclean The Best Tenancy Cleaning Choice in Surrey? 

  • The best prices on the market right now.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Impeccable standards of performance.
  • Short-notice service – we will come and clean the residence within 2-3 days after you first contact us.
  • Eighteen years of experience, impressive skill set and knowledge.
  • Perfectly trained and uniformed cleaning technicians.
  • Powerful professional equipment and the best materials available. 
  • Non-stop availability – we work on National and Bank Holidays as well.
  • Reliability in planning and execution – we stay in constant touch with the property owners and adjust our task sheet to their requirements.
  • Friendly all-round customer support.
  • A bullet-proof Insurance and Liability policy.

Move-out Cleaning Services In Surrey With Anyclean 

Efficient tenancy cleaning help in Surrey by Anyclean

Welcome to Anyclean – one of London’s most effective and reliable end of tenancy cleaning providers. Ever since our inception in 1998 we were committed to improving our service, adding more and more areas to our range of operation. Today we are proud to say we cover the entire county of Surrey as well as the adjacent districts that fall within the Greater London boundaries – Croydon, Sutton, Kingston-upon-Thames, and Richmond-upon-Thames. 

You will have a hard time finding better prices than the ones Anyclean has to offer – starting from just £80 for a studio apartment. But forget about the great deal and concentrate on the quality you get – we are well-known among property owners to deliver hassle-free, impeccable service that satisfies even the most exacting of customers. Relying on the combination of outstanding cleaners’ skill set, industrial-grade equipment, and exclusive selection of organic-based cleaning materials, we can competently address all hygienic and sanitary challenges of a comprehensive move-out home treatment.

Does it sound like exactly what you are looking for? Trust us, we can do even better! Just give us a call on 020 7099 6964 and find out more about our premium service packages! We are at your disposal seven days per week, all holidays included!

Our Prices

Unlike many competitors who hide between glossy terms like affordable or best deal, at Anyclean we are fully transparent and give our customers full access to our price policy, breaking down all the numbers. Thus you can actually see what your bill will look like even before you pick up the phone and call us!

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you book our services:

  • We always provide our customers with a precise price quote before, and never after a cleaning procedure. 
  • Once you receive your quote, it is not a subject of change – there are no hidden fees or contract charges. With Anyclean, you only pay for what you get.
  • Carpet cleaning is a separate service – if you need it done, please notify us accordingly.
  • We require our customers to provide one parking spot for our vehicles. If such is unavailable, additional parking fees may apply.

Our After-vacancy Cleaning Teams

We are proud to work with some of the most reliable and best-motivated professionals in Surrey. Anyclean has built its reputation on the premise of quality and trustworthiness – we never fail to deliver what we have promised. But to achieve the highest standards of performance, we need cleaning technicians of outstanding skill and knowledge who can tackle any sanitary problem and are not afraid to get their hands dirty. 

Luckily for our customers, our staff is all that, and more! We have worked with the leading educational institutions in the country like the British Window Cleaning Academy and the National Carpet Cleaners Association to keep our training programs up-to-date and in touch with the latest trends in the field. Rest assured - when you choose us, you choose an unstoppable cleaning juggernaut.

Simplified Service Process For A Hassle-free Customer Experience

How Do You Book A Quote With Anyclean?

You can send us an email via the Contact form, and we will get back in touch within 24 hours. Or just give us a quick call on 020 7099 6964 and tell us when do you want us to come clean your former residence. Our customer support centre is available from Monday to Friday, 09.00-18.00, and on weekends, 10.00-16.00. 

Quality Control

Many of our Surrey customers are concerned about quality control and how can we guarantee that the procedure will meet all of their property owners’ requirements. The question is perfectly reasonable, but we have addressed it accordingly. There is the on-site quality control policy, embodied in our supervisors. Their task is the comprehensive, non-stop screening and control not just of the procedure overall, but of every single chore. Thus we can be certain all results comply with our standards of quality.

Beneficial For Property Owners

Then, there is the communication with the property owners. We want to include them in the process of quality control as much as possible and to assure them that we are a partner they can rely on. We even go a step further – if they find anything that is not to their liking after we finish, the team will come back and re-clean the problematic area FREE OF CHARGE!

Trust The Local Post-contract Cleaning Experts 

If you live wherever in Surrey, you can count on Anyclean – it is that plain and simple. We operate in:

  • Epsom KT17
  • Surrey Heath GU15
  • Tandridge CR3
  • Guildford GU1
  • and any other residential area in the county.


How much does an end of lease clean cost?

We determine the price of your tenancy cleaning package by the number of rooms for treatment. For more precise quotes, get in touch with us on 020 7099 6964.

What does an end of tenancy clean include?

You can check our comprehensive sanitary checklist above. Anyclean offers one of the most thorough post-lease deep-clean treatments, available on the market.

Can I do the end of tenancy cleaning myself?

It depends on your tenancy contract and the preferences of your landlords. Some property owners require that a professional company does the cleaning, or it is explicitly mentioned in the contract.

Who pays for carpet cleaning - tenant or landlord?

The tenant does. Please notice that carpet cleaning is not included in most end of tenancy cleaning packages, and you have to notify the contractor that you want to include the procedure.

What does our service package include?

Move-out cleaning is all about attention to details, careful planning, and meticulous execution. Of course, eighteen years of experience and intrinsic knowledge of home maintenance do not hurt. We concentrate heavily on the usual suspects – the bathroom and the kitchen, but it does not mean that we neglect all the other areas of the residence. To get a better notion of what we do for you, check our preliminary task sheet below.

General cleaning

  • Vacuum cleaning and sweeping of the entire residence.
  • Vacuum cleaning of all bedroom mattresses and upholstered furniture.
  • Moving of all light furniture and sweeping underneath.
  • Floor cleaning (depending on the floor covering type). 
  • Cleaning and dusting of all drawers and shelves. 
  • Cleaning and polishing of all metal, wooden, glass, and plastic surfaces.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all door frames and handles.
  • Cleaning and dusting of all window sills, blinds, shutters, and curtains. 
  • Indoor window cleaning.
  • Garbage disposal.

Kitchen cleaning

  • Thorough cleaning and dusting of all drawers and cupboards.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all cooking surfaces.
  • Cleaning of all kitchen utensils and appliances (microwave oven, coffee machine, toaster, mixer, etc.).
  • Cleaning and polishing of the sink and taps.
  • Oven deep-clean, removing of any accumulated grease, grime or rust.
  • Fridge defrost, thorough cleaning from the inside and out.
  • Restocking of all waste bins with disposable plastic bags.
  • Disposal of any food products and beverages left behind.

Bathroom cleaning

  • Floor cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Wall tiles scrubbing and polishing.
  • Toilet cleaning and anti-bacteria treatment.
  • Bathtub/ shower cabin cleaning and polishing.
  • Comprehensive bathroom vanities cleaning – mirrors, drawers, shelves, sink, taps, shower curtain, etc. 

What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

“I am so glad I trusted Anyclean with my tenancy cleaning! The guys did a tremendous job, and I could carry on with the other tasks of moving. Strongly recommend the service to anybody who needs it done urgently!”

Paula P.

“For some unknown and illogical reason, many London-based companies pump up their price rates when you live in the suburbs or out of Inner London. Anyclean is a refreshing exception, and I do appreciate your professionalism and impeccable attitude!”

Lisa A.

“That had to be the deepest and most effective cleaning the flat I used to live in had ever seen! I swear I have never seen the place look spotless and so ordered!”

Michael G.