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Get The Best Maintenance For Your Lambeth Business With Anyclean’s Office Cleaning Packages

What does it take to stay relevant and successful in the ultra-competitive business environment of Central London? You need to buttoned-up and pay attention to the smallest of details and always stay one step ahead of your competition. This includes the most basic of layers for your daily office routine – keeping your working place in pristine condition. Anyclean can help you sustain a comfortable and health-safe environment for your workers, customers, and business partners.

Anyclean is one of the leading commercial and corporate cleaning contractors in Central and South East London. Founded in 1998, the company has served some of the biggest technological and entertainment corporations in the city, and a throng of local-based companies and family-run businesses in Lambeth SE1. We have sustained a 100% customer satisfaction rate through hard work, careful planning, and impeccable execution, and always adjusting to the preferences and requirements of our customers. If you book our services, you will take advantage of the ultimate hassle-free experience – our crews will deal with any sanitary issues in the office while you can concentrate on the ongoing daily tasks.

As a responsible business owner or office manager, you must be concerned with the price tag that comes along with such levels of premium quality. Rest assured, Anyclean offers some of the most advantageous deals and more than a reasonable return on investment. If you want to find the price range of a potential cleaning package or wish to discuss the multiple ways we can be of service, set up an appointment with one of our representatives on 020 7099 6964 – we are at your disposal all throughout the week.

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Anyclean is considered the number one office cleaning provider in Lambeth SE1 because:

  • We have almost twenty years of immaculate professional experience (operating since 1998)
  • We have assembled a team of perfectly trained, strongly motivated, and highly skilled specialists
  • Non-stop availability – we operate seven days per week, all official holidays included
  • An elaborate range of hygienic procedures to sustain a health-safe and comfortable environment
  • Powerful professional equipment and a selection of latest-generation, biodegradable detergents
  • A personal account manager for every customer
  • The most advantageous deals you can find on today’s market in Lambeth
  • Free, non-binding preliminary consultations – we are completely open about our pricing policy
  • A comprehensive public Insurance and Liability Policy
  • A bullet-proof quality control for every chore – we always deliver the expected results.

We cover all neighbouring business districts to Lambeth:

What Does Our Office Cleaning Routine Include?

Everything required to make your working place well-ordered and neat. Nobody wants to walk into a messy and dirty office on a Monday morning – we make sure this never happens. Forget about coffee stains on the floor or overflowing paper bins – if you trust us with the sanitary office maintenance, none of these issues will ever occur again! Here is a quick outline of the most common tasks our crews take care of:

  • Regular general sanitary maintenance – daily/ weekly/ special arrangements
  • One-off office cleaning procedures (contact us for more details on this option)
  • Interior window cleaning and glass polishing
  • Carpet cleaning and hot water extraction
  • Floor cleaning and sanitising
  • PC, peripherals, and office equipment cleaning
  • Ventilation systems and air conditioners dusting and maintenance
  • Desk organising and single cubicle cleaning
  • Restrooms and washrooms hygiene and anti-bacterial treatment
  • Providing janitorial materials at competitive prices (we work only with direct suppliers)
  • General areas cleaning and maintenance (stairs, hallways, elevators, lobbies, foyers, waiting rooms, staff rooms, conference rooms, canteens, cafeterias, etc.)
  • After-builders office clean.

We run meticulous quality control for every single task and stick to the extensive operative guidelines of the company. Rest assured, our quality supervisors will make sure you receive the sanitary results you pay for!

You Can Find Your Price Range With Us Today

Anyclean is one of the very few cleaning contractors that will come to your business premises, perform a preliminary assessment, and then provide you with a detailed price quote FOR FREE. Why do we do it? First – for practical reasons: this is the only way we can price our services. We do not work with fixed hourly rates and need to take into account a number of factors like the size and total square footage of your business premises, the required frequency of visits and estimated time for completion, the hygienic chores needed, etc. 

Second, and arguably more important – we believe in the principle that a well-informed choice is the best choice. We are also confident that the Anyclean offers are the most competitive you can find on the market in Lambeth.

The Anyclean Crews Are Our Acting Guarantee For Success

We have a complete and utter faith in the personal integrity and professional quality of our technicians. Why? Because we have hand-picked them one by one and have watched every single step of their career growth. Because we have observed them work under pressure, beating the clock again and again, setting new standards of high quality and excellent performance. 

But most importantly – because every Anyclean staff member shares our result-oriented philosophy and competitive spirit. We do not just want to be better than the competition. We want to better than we were yesterday and make the pledge to be better tomorrow. That constant drive and will to improve have been noticed and commented on by our customers, who admit this is one of the main reasons they keep using our services year after year!

Professional Certificates And Accreditation

  • Anyclean has a long-standing training partnership with the British Window Cleaning Academy; we are also an associate member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association. 
  • We are a fully certified Safe Contractor by the COSHH.
  • We hold the OHSAS:18001 certificate for providing health-safe conditions at the working place; Anyclean is a fully certified ISO:9001 company for its sustained excellence in quality management systems.

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Additional Premium Procedures We Provide For Lambeth Businesses

  • Commercial pressure washing – the most effective method to rejuvenate the outdoor vicinity of your business premises and get rid of the bleak grime, dust, oil stains or gum. With our heavy-duty equipment, we can quickly clean to perfection any parking or cargo area, sidewalks, driveways, front ways, hard-surface building facades, fences, railings, etc. This is the ultimate eco-friendly procedure – no detergents involved, just the sheer force of concentrated steam.
  • Hard floor cleaning – make sure the first thing your customers and partners see when they visit your office is the impeccable lobby floor. No stain or stretch mark can withstand the concentrated effort of our cutting-edge equipment! We can work on granite, marble, terracotta or limestone surfaces, and more! The procedure also deals with discoloured spots and provides an anti-slippery coating and diamond-pad gloss.
  • High-rise window cleaning – if you want your corporate building to look immaculate from the outside, Anyclean is the perfect partner to do the job! We operate with cradles, cherry pickers, and abseiling-rope access systems to reach any required area and clean it to perfection. Best prices in Lambeth guaranteed!

Have we managed to convince you that Anyclean is the best sanitary partner for your SE1 business? If so, give us a call on 020 7099 6964:

  • Every day of the working week, from 09.00 to 18.00
  • On holidays and weekends, from 10.00 to 16.00.