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Anyclean's window care is second to none in efficiency all around Harrow

What Do We Clean?

  • All types of standard windows
  • UPVC and Perspex canopies
  • Glazing and cladding
  • Solar (photovoltaic) panels
  • Mirror and glass landscaping features
  • French windows, sliders, and glass doors
  • Window displays and storefronts
  • Commercial and business signage
  • Glass domes and atria
  • Detailed facade maintenance for administrative, corporate, and commercial buildings


Abseiling window cleaning in Harrow by Anyclean

What Types Of Window Cleaning Packages Do We Offer In Harrow?

Home Window Cleaning

Fully reliable and affordable glass care for every window at home. We perform both Reach & Wash treatment and squeegee polishing to a spot-free finish!

Commercial Window Washing

Window display and glass front polishing, Reach & Wash procedures, comprehensive sanitary facade maintenance - we have it all in store for you at a reasonable price.

Office Window Care

Sustainable window upkeep for your Harrow corporate and office premises, performed by our top crews - Anyclean offers you affordable deals all throughout the year.

Regular Window Maintenance

A top-notch cleaning choice for homeowners and business managers who look to delegate the chore to a set of hardworking and reliable window washers.

Emergency Window Cleaning

Quick appointments (within 48 hours) and no added fee for the short notice -  Anyclean is one of the few Harrow contractors that offers urgent polishing help for windows.

One-off Window Treatment

Reliable and affordable help for your window cleaning project - perfect for after-builders, post-tenancy or spring cleaning. Easy to book and efficient restoration for glass surfaces!

Risk-free window washing in the vicinity of HMR8 M7 Harrow, United Kingdom

The Benefits Of Booking Anyclean


  • Affordable pricing with no reccurent or contract charges
  • A team of result-oriented and skilled technicians
  • The Ionic Reach & Wash cleaning system - the best in the UK
  • Hassle-free customer experience
  • We clean with pure water only (no detergents)
  • No ladders or scaffolds
  • A detailed public Insurance and Liability Policy
  • You can book us even on Bank and National Holidays
  • Strict quality control for every procedure

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Our Latest Cleaning Jobs Around The Area


  • Emergency commercial window washing at Harrow View, Harrow HA1 1RQ.
  • Regular domestic window cleaning at Manor Rd, Harrow HA1 2PF.
  • One-off UPVC and window frames cleaning at Station Rd, Harrow HA1 2XY.
  • Roof solar panels cleaning at Nibthwaite Rd, Harrow HA1 1TE.

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Book The Top-rated Window Cleaners Near You

Anyclean's top-notch window cleaning services are at your disposal in the nearby areas as well:


Anyclean serves the entire area within a 3.8-mile perimeter around 1 Havelock Pl, Harrow HA1 1LJ

Home Window Polishing

The basis of any mutually beneficial relationship between a contractor and a customer is trust. We recognise the fact that at first, you may feel awkward about letting a total stranger work in your home. We repay the trust you put in us with hard work, meticulous attention to detail, and protecting your property as if it were our own. 

Let's face it - window cleaning is an irritating and time-consuming task that very few people enjoy. For us, however, it is a simple and quick routine - we spray the glass surface with water, a few quick moves of the wrist, handling the squeegee, and then a wiping motion with the soft cloth - and the windows are spotless again. The treatment of upper-floor windows is even easier - we do not need ladders or scaffolds to reach them because our experts operate with water-fed optic poles instead. Anything under 70 feet is well within our scope, and there is 0% risk for your property.

Do you want us to impress you further? Apart from the traditional types of windows, the Anyclean specialists also treat:

  • Double-hung sash windows
  • French windows and sliding doors
  • Jalousie windows
  • Clerestory windows
  • Cupolas, light tubes, and skylights
  • Bay windows.

*We always dust and polish the window frames, handles, and sills as well. 

Domestic window treatment near HMJ6 P7 Harrow, United Kingdom

Window Cleaning For Local Businesses

We will not waste your time with prolonged descriptions of how amazing we are and how superior our service is. Instead, give us a call on 020 7099 6964, and let's discuss how we can improve your present window cleaning situation right away. We will break down your expenses and point the areas where we believe we can be more efficient, and our consultants will back it up with numbers. Do not forget - all preliminary consultations are free.
We can deliver the following service plans for your Harrow premises:

  • Street-level window cleaning - the daily polishing of window displays and glass fronts is a mandatory step for every frontline business. We do it manually with the help of squeegees and soft wiping cloth, making sure we cover every square inch of the designated area for treatment.
  • Upper-floor (up to the 6th floor) window cleaning - our technicians will employ the Ionic water-fed optic poles to achieve quick and visible results with 0% risk of damage for your property. Depending on your location, you may opt for either fortnightly or monthly visits. 
  • Anyclean is one of the premium high-rise window cleaning contractors in North West London - for free consultations and pricing quotes, please contact our customer support centre!

Frequently Asked Questions


Do window cleaners use ladders?

Not anymore. We work with the Reach & Wash window cleaning system which allows us to clean glass surfaces up to 72 feet from ground level.

Is window cleaning worth it?

Yes, for two reasons. First, the service is very affordable - contact our customer support team, and we will provide you with a free quote to prove our point. Second, it delivers immediate and long-lasting results, removing urban residue, dust, water streaks, calcification, stains, etc.

Do you guarantee your service?

Yes, we provide all Harrow customers with a 100% quality satisfaction guarantee.

Can I book you during the weekends?

Yes, you can. Anyclean works on National and Bank Holidays as well.



"Anyclean's window stain removal treatment is among the most impressive services you can book with a cleaning provider! Try it - you will not regret it!"

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