7 Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Absorbing the water

Wiping down the bathtub and the shower screen after each use will help remove soap and prevent mineral deposits. You can use a cloth to absorb the water and leave your bathtub dry and shiny. Although you may do this every day, the bathtub will require a deep cleaning at least once a week. Using a bathroom cleaner and a sponge to scrub the lime scale and the soap build ups will further make your bath and shower shiny.

Close shower curtain

After use shower curtains remain wet and it takes some time for them to dry out. Closing the shower curtain when your shower is not in use will speed up the drying process which will prevent it from getting mouldy and smelly. It will however require washing after some time and the best solution is to wash it as normal in your washing machine with few more towels or bathmats. Use a regular amount of washing powder and a laundry conditioner which will also deodorise your curtain and it will smell nice.

Open window

To prevent the growth of mould in the bathroom, leave bathroom window open for as long as possible. The increased amount of air circulation and light decrease moisture,  so leave the curtains and blinds open during the day. A direct sunlight in the bathroom also prevents the growth of mould as well as heating in the winter which dries the moisture.

Remove Soapy Rings

This kind of rings appear on any bathroom surfaces after using oily bath products. Usually water is enough for them to be removed, but in some cases when they have dried and have stayed for a long time, a bathroom cleaning detergent and a sponge will come handy. Wiping down rings from bottles which contain bath products after each use will prevent any soapy build ups and you will be able to deal with them quicker. If you let them dry and stay for a long time will take you longer to scrub and remove them.

Unclogging the shower head  

Shower heads become clogged with mineral deposits within time. The best way to unclog it and make it functioning as intended is to place the shower head in a solution of concentrated vinegar for about an hour. The result should be immediate, just rinse the vinegar and it is ready for use.

Cleaning the toilet

There are special toilet bowl cleaners, but chlorine bleach could also be used for that purpose. It effectively removes germs and dirt leaving the toilet bowl completely disinfected. For those who prefer natural cleaners, vinegar will be the best option. Pour some vinegar in the toilet bowl and let it sit there for half an hour. Then scrub with the toilet brush to effectively remove dirt and bacteria.

Clean bath toys

For families with children, there is an addition to the standard bathroom cleaning - they need to clean the bath toys too from time to time. Using a harsh chemical is not a good idea as they may be harmful to the kids. Giving them a bath with vinegar will remove bacteria and dirt. Rub them with a sponge, rinse them with clean water and let them dry. This process could be repeated every month to maintain the toys clean.