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updated: 17/01/2023

A builders clean is a special type of cleaning service that is specially tailored toward cleaning a home or building after a lot of work has been done in it. These days, more and more people are remodelling their homes, and it’s hard to enjoy the fruits of one’s labour when the entire home is covered in dust and plaster from the remodelling. Many companies offer a builders clean service to remedy this predicament.

Most of these builders clean services include intensive cleaning of the entire home, along with mouldings, fixtures, and other surfaces. A good cleaning company will reach every nook and cranny of the household and remove all the unattractive and unwieldy clutter and dust, and maybe power wash certain areas if need be.

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to hire a cleaning company to do this if you feel that you can do it yourself. Why not save a little bit of money (if not time) and do it yourself? When cleaning up after remodelling, you will want to remove as much dust and other residue from the remodelling area in particular. Look for hidden clutter and dust in cabinets, pantries, and drawers. You might be surprised how intrusive remodelling dust and debris can be.

You will also want to clean your carpets and wood floors; window cleaning in London is best left to the professionals (particularly in corners and under panes, if possible); and intensively clean the air ducts and make sure that any annoying and potentially harmful dust or other debris has been totally removed. If there is any odour left over, take measures to eliminate it with natural and harmless products, like candles or incense. Try to avoid using aerosol sprays – they’re bad for you, your family, and the environment. A builders clean in London may seem like a daunting task, but if you’re willing to put in some grunt work and save a spot of cash, you may want to consider doing it yourself.

A last solution may also save you some money. While the contractor might be able to offer the clean up-an intensive clean up, not just carting debris off of the grounds-in the final estimate, you may be able to find a halfway point between paying the contractor and doing it your self. Home cleaning companies are beginning to realize construction clean up as an untapped market, and will give free estimates. These are the services that typically one employs to come in and clean the house on a weekly basis, and if you call they will often give a lower estimate for construction clean up if you are going to bring them on full time as a weekly contract.

One last word on construction clean up. Many home owners are fine with new construction landscaping, but don’t realize how much sediment can be left behind in the soil from concrete and other chemical-such as deck stain. Be sure who ever is doing your construction keeps the place chemical free when it comes to your lawn and shrubs, and be sure to ask about this when interviewing potential contractors. A careful contractor will see to it that you don’t end up having to pay a mint to reseed your lawn.

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