Getting Rid of Leaves in the Autumn

Get Rid of LeavesAutumn is the season when leaves from trees fall down and although they are beautiful and come in a variety of colours, they make a lot of mess in the garden. It is also very important to remove them from the grass if you want it to grow in the spring. There are several options to deal with the leaves in your garden and you can decide which one is best for you.


Techniques for dealing with garden leaves

  • The most common technique for picking up leaves is by using a manual rake or a leaf blower. You just need to drag out the rake and make a pile. Depending on the size of your garden and the amount of leaves you have, you may find the task laborious until you deal with all of the leaves, but it may also be a good exercise for you. Leaf blowers are useful to take out leaves from difficult to reach areas and they also save time. After you have made a pile in whichever method you have chosen, you can store all debris in bags and take them out for the garbage collectors. Some people burn the pile of leaves, although it is not recommended as smoke is harmful for the environment and you also can cause fire.
  • Making compost yourself from the piled leaves is also a good idea. To compost, you need to choose a space in your garden to for the pile and add water to speed up the process of decomposing.  
  • There is rather a better option for the leaves which is to spread them on the grass and mulch them in your garden with a mulching mower. It chops the leaves into smaller pieces and push them in the grass which nourishes the soil as you mow. This fertiliser is 100% natural which will make your grass stronger and healthier. As the grass grows stronger, there will be less weeds you will have to deal with which will save you money from buying weed killer products. The biggest benefit for you will be that you will not have to deal with any waste which will save you time and efforts.

There are several options to get rid of the garden leaves and you can choose what will be appropriate in your case.