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updated: 18/01/2023

What’s required

You will need the following:Anyclean Cleaner Showing How To Clean an LCD Screen

  • Cool boiled water or distilled water.
  • Soft cotton cloth such as an old clean cotton tee shirt.
  • Silky spectacle cloth (Optional)
The majority of people own a LED or LCD television these days but its surprising how many people are not sure how to clean the screen.
You have to be very careful not to damage it with the wrong cloth or cleaner. Whatever you do please do not use kitchen roll, tissues or a rough cloth. It will damage
and scratch the screen.
Also, please don’t use tap water as it will leave a residue.
You can pay a lot of money for a cleaning pack from an electrical store but here is the way to do it for free!

The Method

Boil a kettle and wait for the water to cool down.Turn off the TV and unplug it from the mains. Let it cool down before you attempt to clean it as the warm surface will dry the liquid too quickly.
I must stress it’s important to let the screen cool as it will make it difficult to clean the smear.
You will need a very soft cotton cloth. I have to stress it needs to be cotton and very soft. You could try a micro fibre cloth but I prefer the cotton. Perhaps an old tee shirt you no longer wear. Cut into duster sizes.
Pour the cooled boiled water into a bowl and soak the cotton cloth. Wring out so it’s just damp.
When the TV is off any marks will be more visible. Lightly rub the cloth over the mark and then with another dry piece of the cotton cloth, lightly polish over the wet until the marks gone. Have patience as sometimes the mark can be persistent. Once you have cleaned one mark go onto the next and so on. I find it easier this way rather than trying to do the whole screen at once.
If any of you wear glasses and have the small silky cleaning cloth that comes with them try that in the final polishing. It works well for me.
I find it’s easier to see the marks once the TV is off and the sun is shining on it.
If you are happy with this method you can use the same technique with your LCD computer screen. Just remember to turn it off at the mains.

Boiled and Distilled Water

Another good use of cool boiled water or distilled water is for use in steam irons. The iron doesn’t scale up so quickly.
Boiled water and distilled water are not the same thing. Distilled water is the steam from boiled water and condenses back into water.
While we are on the subject of hot water, a little tip for tight bottle or jar lids is to run the jar or bottle lid under very hot water for 10 seconds or so. The heat causes the lid to expand and loosen.

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