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updated: 04/10/2023

Every golf enthusiast, whether amateur or pro, knows the importance of keeping their golf clubs clean. Cleaning the clubs is important if you want to ensure that they serve you long and well. However, like everything else it’s always easier to do a good job if you follow some basic guidelines.

To get started you will need a large container, drying rags, mild soap (dishwashing or hand soap works well), and a plastic bristle brush.

Fill the container with enough warm water to cover the heads of the golf clubs. Put in the soap and stir around to mix the soap and water together to create some suds. Place the clubs into the water with the heads submerged; making sure that nothing else is covered by the water and suds. If more than the heads of the clubs are covered, you will need to remove some of the water. Let stand for about five minutes, there is no need for excessive soaking. This will loosen any dirt, oils and other debris which would have become attached to the heads of the iron. (Do not use hot water as this will damage the piece of plastic that is fitted over the shaft of the club. This part of the club is known as the ferrule).

Next, take the brush and start brushing each golf club individually, starting at the head before washing the rest of the iron. Remember to wash well because your club would have taken up not just dirt from the greens, but also residue of whatever chemicals used to treat the grass as well as oils from handling while playing.

If there is rust on the iron, use a piece of mild steel wool or other such material to gently rub the rusted area. This should remove the rust.

Once you have washed the clubs, rinse well to remove all the suds and any particles that may still be clinging to the golf clubs. Dry properly.

If doing it the ‘old fashioned way’ isn’t your thing, there are several different types of cleaning kits available on the market, visit any pro golf shop and you can find your pick of cleaning kits.

A word of caution, if the clubs have wooden parts, never submerge wooden parts in water, instead, dampen a cleaning rag and then dip the club quickly in the wash water and wipe thoroughly with the damp rag. Use a brush (not wire bristled as this will scratch the material, whether it’s made of wood or metal) to get at debris and grass that may have settled in the grooves, a hard-bristled toothbrush can work as well. Be sure to dry well.

Before replacing your now clean and dry golf clubs in the carrying bag, make sure to clean the bag as well.

Cleaning your golfing equipment periodically will enhance your swing on the golf course as clean club heads do a better job of striking the golf ball.

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