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updated: 11/10/2023

window washing tips for London homeownersWhen warm weather hits people suddenly get a burst of energy to clean. In the winter where’re like bears in hibernation, but one that warm weather hits we become motivated to clean, garden and do all those things we didn’t even bare to think of in the winter like window cleaning.

Did you ever notice that after a certain amount of time, the dust and dirt begin to begin to build up? Then when you look at the windows your appalled with the amount of dirt that has piled up. You ask yourself, “How did I let the windows become like this?”

One good thing is that today’s windows that are installed, so they are much easier to clean and keep clean.  There are many window types, which allow the outside to be cleaned from the inside of the home due to a fold down method manufacturers introduced in the early 90’s (thank God!).

The cleaning product that most people use is Windex or something similar like Mr. Clean or something in that respect.

The product that works best many is products with ammonia in the solution or vinegar.  These are the two most popular.

If it were a traditional window which slides down from top to bottom, then clean the top front first and then the top back of the window since this would be the most rational. Then you should push the window back up in the right position to work on the bottom half of the window.

Begin with the bottom half of the window’s outside and then finish the bottom inside of the window.  Remember that if these windows have screens, which many of them usually do, you must remove the screen first (do not forget!) and make sure you little one is not watching you. You know how the little toddlers can be; they like to copy everything we do.

There are also vertical roll out windows. In the same respect, make sure you remove the screen before beginning any window cleaning.

Using the handle, roll the window so it is open as much as possible.  Remember it is easier to do the outside first by Window polishing made easysticking your hand through the opening between the window and wall.  Then roll the window to the closed spot and wash the inside of the glass.

For individuals who have larger windows, which do not, open, it would be necessary to clean them from the outside.  You can also purchase those long window stick bushes that have a long length to them, so it makes cleaning from the outside easier and you do not have to use a ladder. If the window is in length of your arm, you can use a spray and cloth to clean the window from the outside.

For anyone who lives in apartment or high-rise community, especially older buildings, cleaning the outside glass may cause some problems. The best thing to do in this situation is to hire a professional cleaning company.

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