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updated: 03/11/2023

Window screens are essential summer fitments for the house. It’s the only way you can let in all the fresh air you want without letting insects (and worse) enter your home. But keep in mind that screens trap dust and dirt and can become breeding grounds for all kinds of viruses. And dirty window screens look horrible. Keeping your screens clean and healthy is a two step process. The first step is to use a vacuum cleaner on them once a week. Fit the brush attachment on the hose and run it over the screen after making sure the suction is not so great that the screens get stretched or damaged.

The second is the mid and end of summer cleaning (perhaps more often if conditions demand it). This is work that can be added to the window clean part of your contract with your home cleaners if you do not want to do it yourself- it is a bit complicated.

* Remove the screens from the windows being careful to number each one so you know where to fit it back. Also mark the inner and outer sides so fitting them is easier.
* Similarly, keep all the hardware for each window separate so you know what to use where.
* Take the screens outside and lay them on a tarpaulin. Do not try to clean them while fitted in the windows – its messy and inefficient.
* Make sure you have someone to help you and hold the ladder if you are removing upper story screens.
* Using a garden hose, rinse off the surface dirt from each screen.
* Mix a solution of household detergent and water (or buy a commercial cleaning product) and using a spray bottle apply it generously on both sides of the screen.
* Allow the solution to soak in to the screen and loosen the grime. Give it at least 10 minutes for a home made solution or follow the instructions if you have bought one from the market.
* Using a soft brush scrub away on both sides of the screen be careful not to press to hard and distort the mesh.
* Wipe off all the grime with a sponge or cloth.
* Rinse the screen thoroughly on both sides using the garden hose.
* Look for any spots still blocked with dirt and repeat the process for those areas.
* Let the screen air dry.
* When completely dry, they can be re-fitted to the windows.

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