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Anyclean has been providing carpet cleaning in Twickenham since 2000. We've been looking after clients' soft furnishings and soft floor coverings with a passion for quality. Our carpet care services are listed below:

  • Carpet hot water extraction (great for synthetic/nylon carpet fibres)
  • Host dry carpet cleaning in Twickenham TW1
  • Area rugs cleaned, afgan, persian and other rugs
  • Commercial and residential carpets cleaned at a short notice
  • Scotchguard and Stain Protection applied to wool and nylon carpet fibres
  • Spot and stain removal without the need for a deep clean of the whole area
  • Deodorising
  • Anti-static treatment



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Get on the phone right now and schedule your cleaning appointment - call 020 7099 6964! Alternatively you can send Anyclean a message and our friendly sales girls will call you back within 15 miutes. Do not delay, call us today and get your carpets cleaned on the day you want! 

Your carpeting needs a thorough and professional treatment every six months to a year. Clean carpets improve indoor air quality, reduce asthma attacks and remove allergens, dirt and dust from your home. The good new look of the fibres comes as an additional benefit to the important improvement for health reasons.


Regular Cleaning of Carpet Saves Money


Effective carpet care in Twickenham by AnycleanCarpet manufacturers recommend that professional carpet cleaning is scheduled and carried out at least every 6 months. Due to carpet construction and mechanics all pieces of dirt and grime are caught within the fibres and settle there. All carpeted surfaces act like a natural filter in the house, attracting and capturing airbourne dust particles. Thorough vacuuming helps control the issue to some extend. However a regular deep clean is required in order to restore the balanse in your house and improve the quality of breathable air. 

When your carpet is being treated regularly by experienced and skilled local Twickenham based technicians, the chance of something spilt or dropped on the floor becoming a permanent damage is signifficanlty reduced. The more often you clean your carpet, the longer you will enjoy the luxury of a good Axminster or Wilton in your TW1 home. As with all good and expensive things people own, maintenance is imperative for the longevity and useability of the item.


What Methods Our Twickenham Carpet Cleaners Use


There is no such thing as a magic bullet in carpet cleaning. A successful carpet deep cleaning company should be able to deploy various cleaning methods and techniques in order to provide a remedy for all kinds of carpet problems. Our carpet cleaning in TW1 utilises all the latest from the industry manufacturing leaders. Here are the most popular methods of cleaning carpeting:


Hot Water Extraction System


Very effective and used in more than 80 per cent of jobs we carry out. This dirt destrying method involves eco-friendly biodegradeable solution being The leading carpet shampoo specialists in TW1injected into the carpet fibres and then extracted by means of powerful 3-stage vacuum motors. Inject, rinse, suck back. Carpets are usually dry within 4-5 hours and walking on them is possible within 1 hour. All furniture legs are being protected so any paint or other residue does not stain the freshly cleaned carpet. 

Due to the high alkalinity of these cleaning chemicals it is very important that an acidic rinse is deployed towards the end of the treatment. Leaving the carpet fibres in a neutral state of PH eliminates the risk of rapid resoiling due to detergent residue.

Hot Water Extraction cleaning is also called steam cleaning. Many people think that when carpet is concerned then the cleaning process is carried out by steam cleaners. Wrong. This is just another name for the same process described above. That said, there are carpet machines that use heated steam to remove dirt and dust but they are not very popular within residential Twickenham based carpet cleaning companies. They are more often used in commercial and industrial environments where the typical flooring is low pile carpet tiles.


Host Dry Carpet Encapsulation


Some types of carpet simply cannot be cleaned with water as used with the hot water extraction method jute, coir sisal, seagrass, cotton, silk etc. In those cases Anyclean uses very low moisture carpet systems one of which is Host Encapsulation. We can successfully remove dirt and spots from water sensitive floor coverings. For when you don't have much of a choice - book a Twickenham dry carpet cleaner from Anyclean. Call 020 7099 6964 to reserve your slot.    


Bonnet Buffing and Carpet Shampoo


Another version of the low moisture carpet cleaning system. Natural fibres and commercial low pile carpets require special attention when the use of water is simply not practical. Both these methods are being deployed using a slow speed rotary floor machine with either a wool buffing bonnet or rotary brushes. In the case of bonnet buffing the wooly bonnet is soaked in an environmentally friendly cleaning chemical while the carpet shampoo uses rotary brushes with crystallising shampoo dripping in.

Not very successful when treating neglected residential or commercial food establishments' carpets, these two are quite impressive on well maintained low pile wool or 80/20 or high traffic office carpet tiles.

To request a quote for the maintenance of your your business carpeting or rapid drying time is of the essence, please call our specialists on 020 7099 6964. Booking an appointment with Anyclean takes just a few minutes but the effects last much longer.



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Anyclean is a Member of The National Carpet Cleaners Association


We at Anyclean take what we do very seriosly. Our goal is to provide the best carpet cleaning experience in Twickenham TW1. We require all of our carpet cleaners to pass the NCCA theory and practical tests following an extensive and very comprehensive hands-on training. NCCA's is UK's only professional body that regulates the industry and works hard to deliver accurate information and education to both technicians and consumers and is very similar to the American IICRC. We have been proud members of the Association since 2004.

Making sure we cover all bases, we work tirelessly to deliver an outstanding customer service and unmatched performance.


Customer Reviews


"Thank you for saving my battered old rug. I have now a wonderful new piece of memory that I was preparing to throw away. Chris is a real magician! Please pass my sincere thanks to him. I will be calling you same time next year." Katrina D, TW1

"Having no experience in dealing with landlords and letting agents before I was faced with the dilema - lose a big chunk of my tenant's deposit or get the carpet in my flat as clean as new. I found Anyclean on the internet when doing a local search for "carpet cleaners in Twickenham". I was impressed with the level of flexibility these guys offered (I have a tendency for delaying things quite signifficantly). The job was booked and service delivered within the span of a day and a half. My deposit is safe now thanks to Anyclean! Highly recommended in my book of excellence!" Siobhan R, St Margarets, Twickenham 


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