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Carpet Washing Service in Richmond-upon-Thames

How Much Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost?

 Single bedroom £20.00
 Double bedroom £25.00
 Lounge £27.00
 Hallway £15.00
 Staircase (up to 12 steps) £18.00
 Landing £6.00
 Bathroom £5.00
 Small rug (up to 2 sq m) £15.00
 Large rug (3-6 sq m) £25.00
 Extra large rug ( more than 6 sq m)£40.00

​​​​​​​Prices are subject to VAT. Congestion Charge does not apply for Richmond addresses, however parking fees may apply. Minimum spend £50.

Richmond Carpet Cleaning Company

What We Offer in Richmond

  • Hot Water Extraction method

  • Dry carpet cleaning (encapsulation)

  • Stains and Spots treated and removed

  • Scotchgard stain protection

  • Anti-allergic treatment

  • Anti-static carpet treatment

  • Shampoo plus a freshly smelling deodoriser

  • Deep carpet washing

  • Bacteria, dust mites and germs eradication

  • Helpful and courteus operatives

Call for a Quote - 020 7099 6964

    Powerful Hot Water Extraction Service

    Great results come with the right combination between hard working operatives and powerful equipment designed to deep clean your carpet fibres inside and out. Without compromising on either hard work or portable Hot Water Extractors, Anyclean ensures your carpet or rug gets cleaned perfectly well. Hot water extraction cleaning method is also known as steam cleaning and is available to service any Richmond home. A powerful machine jets hot solution into your carpet fibres and vacuums it straight after. It is considered the most effective method in the industry.

    Carpets act as an indoor air filter and maintaining the air quality is a top priority of ours. We regularly research and invest resources in the latest machines and technologies supplied by the top world  manufacturers in the fabric and fibre cleaning industry. 

    Spot & Stain Removing Specialists

    Spots and stains are not nice. They happen all the time. Do not worry - Anyclean can help. Our Richmond based technicians carry a variety of professional carpet spotters suitable for all types of natural wool or synthetic carpeting. Our treatment process is a series of tests and procedures that ensure the safe removal of any marks. 

    How to Clean Spillage From Carpet

    1. Do not use any product! This is important.
    2. Get a kitchen/terry towel and blot the spot.
    3. Do not rub. This can spread the stain outside of the contaminated area. Use blotting action to transfer the substance from the carpet fibre to the towel. Be patient.
    4. Call Anyclean Richmond on 020 7099 6964. The sooner our carpet cleaner treats the spot the bigger the chance of a complete removal. The longer the substance stays in the fibres the lesser the chance.


    Honest prices, great service!

    Our Certified Carpet Care Technicians

    Our happy customers are the living proof of a job well done. We are passionate abot putting smiles on their faces with each carpet treatment and we work hard to achieve it. Our managers and customer service staff work love glove and hands with our NCCA certified carpet cleaners' teams so a top quality service is delivered in Richmond. Our staff competence and knowledge of carpet construction, cleaning and maintenance help spread Anyclean's reputation as an honest and respectable company. We serve both residential and commercial customers in the TW9 postcode of Rihmond-upon-Thames.

    Our Company Guarantee

    We itake pride in what we do. We are passionate about delivering great clean every single time. In case you are not completely satisfied with our Richmond carpet cleaning service we gurantee you that we will come back to rectify and re-clean the issue areas on your carpet free of charge and up to your satisfaction.

    We have been in the business of cleaning carpets & rugs long enough and we offer a peace of mind with an iron-clad guarantee. 

    Serviced Neighbouring Areas


    Our UK based Customer Service is ready to help!

    Before Washing the Staircase CarpetCarpet Cleaning Richmond Before

    After Washing the Staircase CarpetCarpet Cleaning Richmond After

    Know Your Richmond – Place and Services Fit For A King

    Richmond, located in the eastern part of the Greater London Metropolitan Area, has a rather aristocratic name and a rather aristocratic history (OK, it’s technically considered to be in the south eastern part of London – but if you want to be really technical, it’s at the east-southeast point of the compass relative to Charing Cross).

    “Richmond” means “rich hill”, and it was once a royal residence. During the reigns of the Edwards (Edward “Longshanks” the first, Edward the second and Edward the third), the royal family had a manor at Sheen. Edward II gave the manor to his mother Isabella and renovated the place extensively – possibly laying down plush Persian carpets and rugs brought over in the Crusades and ordering his maids to clean them regularly. This manor, which was known as Sheen, was used as a country retreat by royalty.

    Edward II also founded an abbey within the Richmond area for monks of the Carmelite order. These monks were dedicated to contemplation and prayer rather than being more active and militant like the Templars, and they put an emphasis on an ascetic lifestyle. They probably didn’t do any carpet cleaning – even rushes on the floor would have been considered a bit too luxurious and “soft”.

    Richard II moved permanently to Sheen (which was in Richmond) and lived there until the death of his wife, rather than just using it as a holiday home in the country. He must have loved her a lot, as his reaction to her death was extreme – he reacted by having the manor at Sheen demolished. Others tried to rebuilt the place, but it was burned down in the 1490s.

    But that wasn’t the end of royal living at Richmond. In fact, it was a king that gave the place its name. Henry VII built a new palace in the area and named it after one of his earldoms: Richmond Palace. By the looks of sketches and etchings made of the old palace, it seemed to have a lot of turrets and to have overlooked a water feature.

    Many of the best known figures of the British monarchy have lived in Richmond Palace until it fell into disuse during the Civil War years – the Parliamentarian forces saw the large structure as a source of raw building materials and pulled most of it down. But before that, Henry VIII had a massive Christmas festival there with Wife #1 (Catherine of Aragon). Later, Anne of Cleves (Wife #4) received the manor as part of the divorce settlement.  Mary I (Bloody Mary) spent part of her honeymoon at Richmond (Anne still owned the manor). Later still, Elizabeth I was kept under house arrest by her half-sister at Richmond. However, Good Queen Bess didn’t have bad associations with Richmond palace, as she spent a lot of time there when she was not on one of her many progresses, and enjoyed hunting in the woods nearby. She also had a flush toilet installed in the palace – making Richmond Palace the first place with one of these convenient fixtures.

    Today, a few parts of Richmond Palace are still standing: the Gatehouse, the Trumpeter’s House and the Wardrobe (quite a big wardrobe, but we’ve all heard of how lavish Elizabeth I’s wardrobe was). The rest of TW9 seems to benefit from the royal associations and many of the park areas once associated with the palace are open to the public. You can play golf on a course built on the Old Deer Park where Queen Elizabeth loved to hunt.


    Honest prices, great service!