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updated: 03/11/2023

Grills come in different shapes, sizes and models, but they all need to be looked after if you want to have themGrill cleaning tips looking nice. The best you can do is to clean the grill after each use to reduce the amount of work required next time. It is not necessary spend hours cleaning your grill each time, but a quick cleaning of the grate will make it look clean.

To clean the grill you will need the following cleaning materials:

  • a metal brush to scrub the burnt leftovers
  • scouring pads to clean the grate
  • Aluminium foil
  • Washing up liquid
  • A bowl with clean warm water
  • Cloths

After you have finished preparing your food on the grill and it is still warm, get ready to give it a bit of cleaning. Brush the food from the grate with the metal brush and with the help of the aluminium foil, try to go between the grates and clean all burnt food and grease from there.

You will notice that scrubbing the grates regularly will be easier than leaving it to scrub them at once when they becomes really dirty. With the help of the washing up liquid and the scouring pads, wash the grates properly with warm water. You might need to repeat it few times until you get them really clean and shiny. Getting them to shine after few uses without cleaning them will be almost impossible which is another reason why you should do the cleaning after each use.

Cleaning the grill from inside isn’t much needed as it will not make a big difference. The grills from inside should be in a clean condition when you are buying them, but not after you have started using them.

Some people prepare the grill for the winter when it isn’t used that frequently. They spray cooking oil on it which prevents the grill from getting rusty and also improve the taste of the food.

These tips are useful when it is time to clean the grill. Although the first time may take longer, once you are used with it, you will do it very quickly.

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