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updated: 04/10/2023

Granite has become a popular material for kitchen worktops in the recent years. The material is durable and easy to be maintained. Compared to other types of surfaces, granite can withstand high temperatures, which means you have no problem placing hot kitchenware on it. Although granite kitchen worktops do not require much of a cleaning, they still need to be wiped down and disinfected. Read further for great tips on how to clean and maintain granite in the kitchen.

Daily CleaningMaintaining clean kitchen granite worktops

To maintain your granite worktops clean, you can use hot water and a soft cloth to clean dust, stains and food leftovers. In some cases when you need to use a detergent, use a bit of mild soap with warm water to remove dried food pieces.

Once a week

To clean your granite worktop on a weekly basis, you can prepare your own mixture of alcohol and dish soap mixed with warm water. In an empty spray bottle pour this home made granite cleaning solution and spray it directly on the worktop. Avoid scrubbing the worktop with harsh sponges as they may damage the surface. Use soft cloths and always rinse the surface with clean water at the end.

Removing stains

It is important you clean stains from drink and food spillages as soon as they happen as these stains may become permanent. There are different ways to clean a stain. First you need to discover what caused the stain. If it is removable with water, there is no need to use strong detergents, but if the stain is stubborn, you can use a granite cleaner for the specific stain which could be found in the specialised cleaning supplies shops.

For oil based stains use ammonia or diluted bleach to clean them from the surface.

Organic or food based stains could be removed by using hydrogen peroxide.

General maintenance

Although granite surfaces are easy to be maintained, there are certain rules which need to be followed to preserve their beauty. It is very important you use a chopping board every time you cook your food, as chopping directly on the granite worktop may end up with a number of scratches.

You should also try to avoid leaving acidic food like citrus fruits and fuzzy drinks as they may destroy your worktop.

Abrasive cleaners are not recommended as cleaning products for cleaning granite. They may cause scratches and make the surface look damaged.

You also have to avoid dragging plates, pans and glasses over the polished granite surface. The scratches made this way may be difficult to repair and within time the worktop will need to be replaced due to the damages from the kitchenware.

In conclusion

With these granite cleaning tips we aim to protect your worktops from damaging by using improper cleaning product. Damages on granite surfaces may be costly as the only solution is to replace the worktop. For this reason follow our advice on how to clean and maintain such surfaces and you will have a beautiful and clean home ever.

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