How To Remove Candle Wax from Surfaces

updated: 16/03/2023

Candlelight often sets the mood for dinner and other occasions. It is always seen that any holiday occasions includes the use of candlelight and the spark of it serves to set the mood right for the festivities. Candles are often known to make their appearances as vibrant pieces of decoration. Besides transporting us into a world of divine fragrance the candles also serve to bring us into the real world where we have to surrender ourselves in the effort of cleaning up the wax which drips from the side of the candle when it journeys its way to the end. But the toughness of the cleaning process also depends on the type of surface which is exposed to wax of the candle.

Most often candles are used on dinner tables and so quite often the wax falls and stains the tablecloth, place-mats, table-mats and cloth napkins. Once the wax gets dried on to the tablecloth or table mat it becomes very difficult to have it removed. The first thing you have to do in order to remove the wax in this case, is to make an application of an ice pack on the spot. This will allow the wax to get brittle and then you can scrap off the wax whenever you want by your hands. You must never make use of a blunt knife as it proves to very dangerous for the cloth and might cause damage to it. Once you have successfully removed the wax from the cloth, then take a hot iron and a few paper bags which are absolutely clean. Take one paper bag at a time and put it beneath the wax portion and then the other one at the top of the wax portion. Heat your iron to a medium temperature and then gradually iron that portion till the wax has been completely transferred to that of the paper bag.

If you wish to remove wax from any wooden furniture, then you have to follow a completely different process. Bookcases and the wooden furniture often seem to get spoiled by the dripping of wax on to it. In this case you can scrub off the wax as much possible with the help of a blunt wooden knife or that of the edges of a credit card. But make sure that the items are non-abrasive. After this you might see that a bit of wax residue will still be sticking on to the furniture. For this you got to make a minimum application of cream furniture wax solution and than you will get to see for yourself that the wax residue has completely gone.

In case of removing wax from that of carpets and other sort of upholstery you need to make an application of the ice pack and it will come off. Then proceed to use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the place where the wax residue is present and viola, you’ll see that everything is spic and span, and all that annoying wax is gone without the need of a professional carpet cleaning service.

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