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updated: 29/10/2023

How to remove nasty stains from clothesThe appearance of stains on clothes, towels and bed linens is inevitable, but fortunately there are great solutions for them these days. Stains are different in their nature and some of them may seem very hard to be removed. Usually the stains happen if you touch the garment with a dirty hand or if you drop something on it accidentally. Depending on the type of the stain, you should use a different product to remove it, but it will be best if you act quick and try to remove the stain as soon as it appeared.

To clean a caramel or other sticky stains, use a borax with warm water on the stain for about half an hour. Rub the stain and rinse thoroughly with warm water and put the garment for washing on its usual washing cycle. If this doesn’t help, you can get a stain remover for this particular stain and treat it again. The stain removers may come in the form of a gel, spray or a stick.

Milk stains are also stains which have to be dealt with as they may cause the garment to change its colour where the stain is. Milk also contains fat to a certain extent and same as the oil stains, milk ones could become permanent. Wash the stain with a warm water and a washing up liquid. Rub the stain few times and rinse to check whether it has gone. If it is still visible, repeat the previous step until you are sure it is completely removed. Then wash the garment as normal with your matching colour items.

Tomato sauce stains are stubborn and they also need to be treated as soon as possible. First and main rule is to remove as much as possible of the tomato sauce before you start washing the garment. With circular motions apply washing up liquid or a laundry detergent to the stain. If the garment is in a white colour and you are sure that bleach will not ruin it, use a mild bleaching agent to help you remove the stain easier. After you have washed the garment, it is recommend it you dry it on a direct sunlight to whiten it, although it is not necessary to do the same with dark colour garments.

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