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updated: 05/10/2023

In order for you to look attractive, you need to wear clean clothes. As in your closet you may have garments made of various materials, it is essential you know how to care about a certain type of material. Although in most of the cases there are labels attached to each garment which contains the most important information, there are other facts which are also significant. In this article we discuss the main features of the synthetic garments and the way they should be maintained.

How to Wash Synthetic Garments

  • Acrylic clothes look pretty much the same as the wool ones and they are usually machine washable. You need toSynthetic Garments choose the right cycle possibly on a lower temperature and a general laundry detergent will do the job. For those which are more delicate, hand washing with a warm soapy water will be the best solution. The excessive moisture should be squeezed out gently.
  • Polyester clothes are strong, wrinkle resistant and elastic which make them machine washable. They could be washed with any type of detergent and adding a fabric softener removes static electricity. The material is shrinkable should it be tumble-dried excessively. Using steam is the best when ironing polyester garments.
  • Spandex material is durable and stretchy and very often sportswear is made of such material. These types of clothes do not require any special care when washing. Washing with matching colours and a general purpose laundry detergent will be sufficient.

How to Maintain Synthetic Garments

  • To protect the beauty of your synthetic garments, avoid touching them with fingers after using oils and lotions as they absorb oils easily.
  • The way you store them is very important, hanging the garments in the wardrobe is fine if they are going to be worn again soon, but for a long term storage, folding them is better.
  • Avoid storing them after they have been worn as permanent stains may appear.
  • To preserve the original shape of the garment, always try to fold them by their seams.
  • If using storage boxes to store your garments, try to fold them gently avoiding an sharp creases. If several items need to share a box, place the heavy ones at the bottom of the box.
  • Keep your closet clean, fresh and free from insects. Place a small amount of baking soda to absorb any bad odours instead of using other perfumes which may cause your garments to smell bad.
  • Keep your synthetic garments in a dark cool place, away from direct sunlight and radiators which may destroy them. Damp rooms like basements are also not recommended for storage as mould could develop on your garments.
  • When necessary do some repairs on your garments to cover any permanent stains and tears with embroidery or just to replace a button.

The overall care of synthetic garments is an important aspect of having beautiful and attractive clothing.  Because of their characteristics, they need to be washed, stored and maintained correctly in order to look beautiful at all times.

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